The Quincy Hotel’s World Class Services

Some hotels are worth spending money in, a place that when you walk in you feel that you have arrived in the right place to relax and enjoy sweet moments. The Quincy is such type of hotel; this luxurious 4-star hotel has international standards besides being an award winning hotel. The hotel is situated in Orchard Singapore, its a 5 minutes walking distance from Orchard Road Shopping mall. It is a fashionable hotel with stylish interior design. Here are services that make Quincy the best hotel for you.




The rooms are well furnished with a standard bed, 42″ flat screen TV, modern bathrooms and rain shower, and coffee making facilities. The rooms also contain free and unlimited Wi-Fi access. These rooms give an excellent eye catching city view. The beddings are of high quality to meet your needs.


Food and Drink


What makes a nice hotel is food and drinks. You will get breakfast served at the international restaurant, but other refreshments are available at lobby restaurant all day. The menu is so long, and you can also place a special request and get served with juice as you wait for your order.



There are lots of facilities to keep your outdoor and sporting activities enjoyable and relaxing. The swimming pool is located up on the 12th floor to give a real and definite view of the city. The GYM is another great facility, and it is well equipped with modern types of equipment to relax your body. You will also be able to enjoy free WiFi, free parking, non-smoking rooms, and air conditioning.


From Quincy, you can easily connect to other useful amenities. Changi International Airport is only 21.3 km away, a distance that you will need to drive for 23minutes only. The other means of transport is the Orchard MRT; it’s only 11 minutes walking distance. To do some shopping, you will only need to walk for 5 minutes or less, and you will be at Far East Plaza. Tourist attractions in Orchard road is only 11 minutes walking distance.


The Quincy pizza was at the top of the news when a delivery agent was robbed of pizza and personal items. The incident took place at South Brunswick when the delivery man was going to deliver pizza to a client at the N building. The police investigation has lead to some arrests with police promising more arrests in connection with the same.




The U.S. Money Reserve’s Awards

Recognition has come to the U.S. Money Reserve in the form of four separate awards. These awards were received in 2016, and honored the creativity and production works of the U.S. Money Reserve through the Videographer Awards. Two awards were for Excellence for television commercials, another was given for Creativity, and the last was for Cinematography. There was a well done infomercial depicting actual customers of the Reserve. This television spot showcased Richard Petty, know for his NASCAR fame and was called the “Testimonial Show.”

The top award available is for excellence and is only given for exceptional quality. With the U.S. Money Reserve being the recipient of two of these awards, it has provided them with well deserved recognition. Their creative teams enabled them to achieve awards for Distinction with the spot called the “Pearl Harbor Show.” This earned them an Honorable mention.

Angela Koch, the CEO of the reserve stated they were not only honored but inspired by the amazing talents of their teams. She said she felt that it was the loyalty and participation of their customers that enabled them to bring life into their business. The judges are trying to find work so exemplary, it will showcase only the highest possible excellence standards. This serves as a way to bring a positive focus to the industry. The awards for 2016 brought in about fifteen-hundred entries coming from all over the world.

The U.S. Money Reserve has also won a Bronze award. This was received at the Telly Awards. This 37th running of these awards showcased the award winner titled “Philip Diehl IRA.”

The U.S. Money Reserve is classified as a distributor for United States precious metals. They originated in 2001, and have since become one of the biggest private distributors of not only United States metals, but metals for foreign countries as well. These metals include gold, platinum and silver. There are thousands of clients who put their trust in the U.S. Money Reserve for diversification. This is accomplished in the form of authentic United States coins, usually in either silver or gold.

The U.S. Money Reserve is successful because they have highly specialized teams in critical areas, including researching coins and expert knowledge of the market. This is the expertise it takes to find coins with a high enough profit potential. It is also why they have such good relations with their client base.

Town Residential Opens New Office in the Meatpacking District

Town Residential is one of the leading real estate companies in the United States. The company is based in New York City. This year, the residential brokerage firm announced that it had signed a fifteen-year deal to lease an office at the meat packing district in Manhattan. Reports from the company say that with the new office location, the brokerage will have the capacity to cover the markets in Tribeca and Hudson Yards.
The real estate brokerage firm is one of the fastest growing companies in the region, and the new office is one of the most recent expansions. The company is expected to use the new space to run all its operations efficiently.

Town Residential decided to lease the new office for several reasons. First of all, the room will be used by brokers in the region to meet and make new deals with clients. More people are now interested in making investments in the real estate industry, and this office will help the dreams of many consumers to come true. The office is an innovative deal from the company because the brokers will have an opportunity to conduct their activities in a perfect outdoor space. The brokers will also connect well with the customers because the environment is personalized to suit all the client need.
The new office is spacious, and it is designed using the latest technology. This aspect will make the brokerage company facilities more appealing to consumers and at the same time stand out from the rest of its competitors as the desirable brokerages firm.

Apart from expanding its offices and presence in the meatpacking district, Town Residential has announced that it will be partnering with a boutique brokerage company in the region, known as Thomas and Ingram. The boutique firm is expected to move into the same district soon. Town and Ingram specialize in sales, and its services will offer Town Residential with the complimentary solutions they need to work alongside.

Moving to the meatpacking district office will be a great investment decision for Town Residential. The area is currently considered to be among the fastest growing neighborhoods in the country. The real estate brokerage firm will expand its services and business in the region and at the end of the day, Town will increase its sales and profits. In the recent past, a significant number of individuals have expressed their desire to rent out and purchase new properties in the area, and this means that Town Residential will have many opportunities to grow its business.

Town Residential has been operating for a few years, but it has been very successful in the market. The company has employed a reliable team of experts who are experienced in their jobs, and this is the main reasons it has expanded to different parts in just a short duration of time.

New Brunswick Devco Chimes in to Help Middlesex County Improvement Authority

According to a report published by the Press of Atlantic City on the 29th of February 2016, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority once again has failed to pay the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority the money it owed them that spans to over five (5) years in arrears. According to the Casino Development Authority, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority owes them a total of $1 million in principal cash and $20 million in acquired loans. Apart from this, it’s estimated that the Improvement Authority has racked a total of $7 million in cash arrears with the money spreading evenly in a span of five years.

Chris Paladino heads both these organizations, and he was the main driving force behind the $20 million loan acquired by the Middlesex County Authority cooperation. The $20 million loan the company applied for and failed to pay was mandated for the construction of The Heldrich Hotel, as well as a conference center located in New Brunswick.

Though the loan was acquired in the year 2005, and the construction completed in 2007, the hotel on its own has failed miserably to attract clients, a fact that has been seen as the main reason behind its predicaments. According to Christopher Paladino, the state of the hotel is so dire to the extent that they had to pump in a total of $776,000 to support the purchase of mattresses and carpets as well as the overall maintenance of the hotel.

According to the state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, the poor management and the eventual failure to pay up the loan has been attributed to trusting private entities with massive amounts of money.

Though senior bondholders have been paid up to $30 million with interests of about 5%, the same can’t be said about the subordinate shareholders, who haven’t received anything yet from the company.

Development Cooperation, Devco is non-governmental company that specializes in real estate and property development in different parts in the USA. The Company also specializes in funding projects to a wider group of real estate owners who need an extra boost in constructing and maintaining estates.


Experience The Real Benefits Of Embracing Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is offering users a better way to manage their healthcare by availing options where users can choose the kinds of ailments they would like covered through the program. Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage works with private insurance firms to ensure users access the benefits.

Under this program, Medicare submits fixed payments to the select insurance firms, which in turn pass the benefits to members of the program. Beneficiaries are presented with a host of choices in the program and are able to select what they feel may work best with them.

How to choose the right plan
Basically, there are no requisite procedures that describe what one should do when signing up for the program. All you need is to have understanding of how things work and you will be in a position to make the right decision. To join Medicare Advantage, you are encouraged to first join Medicare Part A and Part B. Unfortunately, people with end-stage renal disease may generally lose eligibility for the program, so you need to review the terms before signing up to any plan.

Read more: Dr. Richard Shinto, M.D.

Benefits to users
Users of Medicare Advantage enjoy massive benefits some of which include up to 0$ premiums with some insurance companies. Your plan may also cover other benefits apart from what is offered through Parts A and B Medicare. Such benefits include dental and vision coverage.

Additionally, each plan offers an out-of-pocket limit, which defines the maximum amount one should spend before the insurance plan kicks in to cover any additional expenditure on selected items under the plan.

Learn About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health has for a long time focused on enhancing the way healthcare services are managed and offered. InnovaCare, which operates within Puerto Rico, has invested dearly in technology and the implementation of procedures that are aimed at enhancing the efficiency of their system to ensure patients receive Medicare Advantage and Medicaid services in a manner that promises value.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health is one of the pillars that have driven the company to prosperity in the industry. Dr. Richard Shinto the serving CEO of the company, is a great mind and his support in ensuring InnovaCare achieves wider reach cannot be overlooked. Rick Shinto enjoys more than 20 years having worked in the clinical health industry. He receives help from other professionals in the company like Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides also boasts of a wide experience and many years working in the healthcare industry, so her input into InnovaCare Health has gone a long way.

Evolution Of Smooth’s Lip Balms Have Come A Long Way

Since the company first started releasing their personal care products, especially their lip balms, they have earned a massive number of follows from all over the nation and on the internet on social media sides. Today they are one of the leading providers of lip balms, providing a large variety of different flavors and scents in their uniquely designed lip balm applicator.

The company’s base of locations is in New York, and since launching they have had a large impact on the industry and demand for lip balms as a whole. They have been featured on TV and throughout many well known magazines, not to mention many celebrities have advertised their products. With so much exposure, many people have gone to pick up lips balms for their lips, whether or not they have chapped lips that need healing. See,

Despite all of this success and wide exposure, Evolution of Smooth has kept the price of their lip balms fairly low, being only a couple bucks for any customer, which can be found in many places psychically and online. The majority of the competitors out there for Evolution of Smooth charge much more for their products, and do not even provide the same number of benefits that EOS does. Their lip balms are hypoallergenic, free of petroleum, parabens, or any other harmful chemicals, along with being dermatologist tested. Every EOS lip balm is made up of natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and promote healing and anti-aging.

It’s not hard to see why so many have come to love Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms, especially with their unique and fun applicator spheres, which are especially fun to the kids. They have no issues with melting or leaking like many typical stick applicators, making them a better choice for safety. products are available online via and Ulta.


A Leading Provider of Financial Services – The Madison Street Capital

Madison Street capital Investment banking firm provides clients with innovative solutions to complex transactions, with the aim of creating maximum value for the customer. In order to ensure competitiveness and realize its full potential, companies must look continuously for ways to grow and improve its operations. Investment Banking provides support for clients when it comes to strategic goals regarding transactions in the capital market and financial expertise in sophisticated transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, Illinois, but the investment banking firm has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. With the multidisciplinary approach and the effort for providing innovative financial solutions, Madison Street Capital helps their clients in defining financial strategies, and in the creation of added value. This company has provided its services in many different range of industries, which has expand their knowledge about them and helped in understanding more the circumstances in which every customer’s business works. Before about eight years, the Madison Street Capital started a ten year program that will assist the community in achieving stability, improving education etc. This program has proved to be a successful one and has reached many goals that have been set in the beginning of this program.

The varieties of investment banking activities of the Madison Street Capital are divided into the following:

• Representing the companies in the transactions of the capital market

• financial advisory services

• buy side and sell side services for private equity

• corporate advisory services

• business valuation services

• valuation for financial reporting

• financial opinion services

Our team of financial experts assists clients in making and implementing strategic decisions such as fundraising broadcast of debt or equity securities, cooperation with strategic and financial investors, fund investments in other companies, optimization of capital structure and the method of risk management. This company provides financial advisory services in the structuring and implementation of financial transactions such as MBO, employee stock ownership (ESOP), mergers and acquisitions transactions and others. The company has many years history in providing its services. That’s why the Madison Street Capital has so many satisfied customers that can confirm their professionalism. If you are interested to find more information about this successful company you can turn to

The Madison Street capital is the winner of an award from The M&A Advisor for the year 2015. This is an award that shows the dedication and wide expertise of the company and recognition of its achievements. So, if you have any financial difficulties regarding your business – Madison Street Capital investment banking company is the right solution for you. We will make your business find the way to success.

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Betsy DeVos Gives Her Views on Reforming Education

Dick DeVos currently serves as the President of the Windquest Group. He previously worked for Amway International and under that leadership, Amway reported its aggregated sales to be over $4 billion. During that time, DeVos singlehandedly assumed all of the responsibilities for the company’s operation in over 50 countries. DeVos also has a wide range of ties within his community. He founded the Education Freedom Fund, which has awarded over $4,000 in scholarships to children who are financially challenged. He also ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006. In saying all of this, I believe that Dick DeVos has accomplished so much as a leader and as a philanthropist.


 The Spring 2013 issue of Philanthropy magazine interviewed Betsy DeVos, referring to her as a reformer. She is Dick’s wife and currently serves as the chairman at Windquest, which she founded with Dick in 1989. Philanthropy magazine discussed her views about the educational reform and school choice.


I believe that one thing that Betsy has right is the fact that public schools in the United States are not doing well and that it’s a driving force behind the radical reforms. From what she has stated , many factors influenced her and Dick to become involved in providing a proper education for low-income children. One of these included a trip to the Potter’s House Christian School, where she said that the atmosphere was vibrant with a level of tolerance and curiosity that she had never before seen.


Betsy is concerned not only about reforming schools but also reforming the current system of public schools throughout the U.S. altogether. For example, she stated that she wants to change the current system of having to choose schools based on zip code alone. She said that one thing that is working in that favor is digital education. She sympathizes with and advocates for homeschooling as well, which she says is increasing even in urban areas due to parents being fed up with feeling powerless to do anything about the current education system. She also semi-vouches for charter schools but speaks from experience when she says that one has to be willing to invest the time and resources in getting them off the ground.


At the end, she says that her idea of success is that parents would be able to choose the best education system for their children no matter what. And that they’d be able to choose one that helps their child fulfill their potential at their healthiest level. Amen to that!



Treating Frizz With Wen By Chaz

Any woman wants to look put together and happy. For this, she needs to turn to her hair care products. One particular problem that can easily arise that many women have is that of frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is hair that does not look sleek but instead looks messy. Frizzy hair can ruin any look. Hair can get frizzy under many conditions. One common issue that causes frizz for many women is when it is very humid outside. Moisture outside can get into a woman’s hair and cause it to expand and look unattractive. Finding a solution to this issue is imperative.
Fixing Frizzy Hair

Many women are delighted to find that there is a solution to frizzy hair. One company knows that frizz can be vanished with the right products. That hair care company is Wen By Chaz. They have a way of treating hair frizz that will help make sure that any women has hair that is sleek and elegant even when the humidity outside has climbed yet again. With just a small amount of their hair product, it is easy to keep frizz at bay each day. Any woman can follow a simple routine and get hair that will always look great.

Styling Creme

The anti-frizz styling creme offered by Wen By Chaz is all about taming the frizzies. Just apply a small amount to wet hair. No need to worry that the frizz will come again. Instead, this substance offers freedom from frizzy hair and means that a woman can use it and then get on with her daily routine. Using the anti-frizz creme means that it is easy to get away from frizz and get hair that looks perfect no matter what she is doing at any time of the day or on a date. Wen hair products are available on Amazon and other retail stores.

Visit this link: for more information on WEN hair products. Visit the WEN hair official YouTube channel too!

Why A NYC Coworking Space Might Be The Best Choice For You


All over the world people go to work every day in stuffy doll offices with no personality or real freedom of workspace. However, a growing trend is sweeping the globe and is changing and reforming the way that workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business start up owners are looking at office spaces. This new revolution in office spaces is actually referred to as a co-working space. These co-working spaces are offices usually in large buildings that offer a variety of office space in both private and communal areas along with the amenities like kitchens, recreational rooms, and conference rooms.

Many people are exclaiming prays before these new concepts in work place in varmints. They are saying that there are so many benefits to working in this type of environment that to those that are working in traditional workspaces and offices have no idea what they are missing. Some of these benefits include but are certainly not limited to in anyway the freedom to be able to work on your own schedule, the freedom to interact with business owners and freelancers of various different backgrounds, and the ability to work in your on parameters.

A great example is Workville shared office space NYC Workville has tried to bring to New York a revolutionary experience in freelance or entrepreneurial office space. They offer a variety of different spaces that are both public and private so that freelancers and entrepreneurs or small business start ups can complete their work in the environment that is most comfortable for them. This means if they choose to be in a public area where they can interact with others and perhaps brainstorm together, they can certainly do so. However, if they feel as though they are more productive in a quiet and solitary workspace, they can simply rent out a private room. Additionally, if they are in need of a conference room to hold a meeting or interview perhaps, they also offer a variety of different conference rooms available for rent. All of these spaces that are offered by workville, are offered a room around the clock 365 days per year.

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or smart business start up, then you too should consider making an office for yourself in a co-working environment. To find one near you simply Google coworker space and your local city. Or if you would like more information about renting a space at work Ville in New York City, you can simply go to their website.