Month: March 2016

George Soros’ Plan for Solving the Refugee Crisis

In his latest opinion piece for MarketWatch, philanthropist and business magnate George Soros comments on the refugee crisis wracking Europe. Soros criticizes the lack of a unified plan asylum policy in the European union, and states it is one of the main reasons that the once-manageable refugee problem transformed into an international incident.
“Each member state has selfishly focused on its own interests,” remarks Forbes billionaire George Soros, “…this precipitated panic among asylum seekers, the general public and the authorities responsible for law and order.”

Soros urges readers to remember that protecting the Syrian people should be the first priority of all nations, and that all other considerations should be secondary to humanitarian concerns. At the same time, we mustn’t forget the many other displaced peoples and asylum-seekers from other nations abroad.

The answer, according to Bloomberg, is maintaining potential asylum-seekers in designated areas close to their current countries. Ideally, this would allow Europe to absorb any prospective refugees at a more controllable rate, which would remove much of the strain from the process.

George Soros believes the best way to help these refugees adapt to life in Europe is to provide subsidy for settlers in the form of 15,000 Euros annually for the first two years in order to cover health, education, and housing. The European Union member states should also accept one million refugees per year at the very least, and the duty of caring for the refugees must be distributed fairly among member states of the European Union.

Since countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey have already taken the lion’s share of refugees, Soros argues that Europe must step up to the plate to support the four million plus refugees currently living in those countries. European countries should provide enough aid to ensure that the basic medical needs of refugees are cared for. The systems of these volunteer countries are under incredible strain, and financial aid is most certainly needed to avoid exacerbating an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

George Soros also advocates for a singular agency handling asylum and migration in the European Union, along with an international EU Border Guard. He also believes safe paths of travel should be organized between Syria and destination countries in order to reduce the widespread panic.

Soros believes the secret to successfully integrating these millions of asylum-seekers is to swiftly mobilize the private sector, encouraging churches, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to take an active part in solving this international incident.

As one of the most well-known philanthropists in the modern world, Soros has remained a sound defender for the cause of freedom, helping the Soviet states peacefully transition into modern democratic systems in the latter half of the 20th century.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Says Zika Virus Blindsided Scientists

Despite initially being touted as a harmless disease, Dr. Sergio Cortes, Brazilian medical expert says the Zika virus can cause severe health issues. Formerly reported on R7 Noticias, the Zika virus was primarily ignored which made it difficult to establish the severity of the virus. With over 1.5 million cases in Brazil, and several thousand elsewhere, Dr. Cortes warns about the risks. A study performed by a team at John Hopkins hospital and Florida State University have discovered that the Zika virus is capable of infecting the neural stem cells, which lower skull formation and damage intellectual development. As Dr. Sergio Cortes has reported, traces of the Zika virus in fetal brain tissue has confirmed the link between microcephaly and Zika.
The Mysterious Virus

Dr. Cortes says on Noticias, “We were really blindsided by this outbreak of the Zika virus,” and “the virus had its sights on Africa and Asia and then went rogue, spreading into South America.” Transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, Zika closely resembles the chikungunya and dengue virus, but the Zika virus has pretty much remained a mysterious infection for decades. Even chikungunya was pretty much unknown, up until a little more than a decade ago. Symptoms are similar among all three viruses, yet with Zika, symptoms appear and disappear before the person knows they’re infected. “The good news is that Zika is not fatal. In most people, the disease is milder than chikungunya and dengue,” says Dr. Cortes.

What Are The Signs of Acute Zika Infection?

Around four out of five infections appear asymptomatic. In other cases, the persons concerned have rather mild discomfort. Three to twelve days after being bitten by the Aedes mosquito they feel feverish, headaches, joint pain, sometimes conjunctivitis. It is also characterized by a nodular-patchy rash and itching. The symptoms normally disappear after a maximum of one week

Discovered in 1947, Zika sporadically reared its head in Africa and Asia. For half a century the virus kept quiet, until it raged in the Pacific islands. Last May it reached Brazil, and a little later Colombia, and by early 2016, the virus had infected more than 30 countries. Unfortunately, scientists are just beginning to pay close attention.

To date, no cure has been found, but according to Dr. Cortes, the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has been working on an antiviral antidote, and hopes the National Health Surveillance Agency approves the drug later this month.

QNet and Its Commitment to Women Entrepreneurs

QNet is always looking to expand its force of direct sellers. The company is only able to thrive when highly-skilled sellers are working very hard to promote the company’s products and services. At an event related to International Women’s Day, QNet made a public commitment to seek out the very best women entrepreneurs to add to its team. Even those without experience are welcomed to join. QNet is more than willing to train and groom the next generation of overachieving direct sellers.

QNet’s big pitch to women entrepreneurs clearly mentions the financial rewards of being a direct seller. Whether looking for a supplemental income or a path to great wealth, direct selling may hold the key to success. QNet’s outstanding product line is diverse enough that an entrepreneur has a lot of flexibility in terms of picking what to sell. Flexibility extends to other areas of direct selling. An entrepreneur can work as often or as little as preferred. 

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QNet is also making a strong push to hire women entrepreneurs in India. The company has plans to develop a special marketing plan for India. Several unique products and services intended for the Indian market will be enthusiastically weaved into this marketing plan. QNet has garnered a lot of news in India over the past year. The company plans to move all its manufacturing to India, and QNet is ramping up its charitable work in the country. The attention the company is getting may work wonders towards attracting top entrepreneurs. QNet most definitely welcomes the interest as they have high retention and employee satisfaction rates (according to Glassdoor).

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

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One San Francisco Woman’s Career And Her Vision For The Corporate Industry

Helane Morrison also commonly known as Helane L Morrison is the current managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also serves as the general counsel for the firm and as a member of its executive committee. Helane Morrison has a rich career history behind her; she is one of the most experienced business executives who has ever headed Hall Capital Partners. She has been at this firm since 2007. Going down her career path, Helane Morrison has served at the U.S. 

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in San Francisco from 1999 to 2007. She has also been the Regional Director and District Administrator for Northern California and five the Northwest States in the same organization. Her duties in this firm included securities enforcement, litigation, and supervising compliance and regulatory matters. She joined San Francisco SEC office in 1996 where she worked as head of enforcement to 1999. At this position, her duties invoked representation SEC in legal, business, and financial matters. She also represented SEC before the government, its agencies, and the media. WS Journal writes of her success in that position and the impact she made in her role.

Helane Morrison is known for the vital role she has played in organizational ethics in the corporate industry. She has been a campaigner and supporter of maintenance of high ethical and integrity standards in the corporate world. Herself she has been living up to her ethical and integrity virtues in her life and career. Throughout her career, she has been urging her colleagues to do the right thing reminding them that it’s an important contributor to the success of an organization. She is among the few people who have tried to kick unethical practices in the finance industry. Thus, industry has been struggling with high numbers of malpractices and unethical dealing since the early 2000’s. She has been among the minority in the industry who have not taken advantage of the situation.

Utilizing her journalism skills, Helane Morrison has been tirelessly struggling to prevent and end corruption in the corporate industry. She has also dedicated herself to protecting the vulnerable who are always innocently affected by the cases of corruption and malpractices in the corporate industry. She has been able to expose a huge number of corrupt brokers and played a significant role in revolutionizing for the best the financial sector. Her undeterred and powerful have been extremely influential in her course. She has been doing this for the past 30 years, and she is still going strong and determined.

Connect with Morrison on LinkedIn or see her Crunchbase for more news about her life and career.

My Full WEN Experiment On My Own Hair


Ever desired a more ravishing head of hair? Of course, you have. Everyone wants their hair to look it’s best. My hair is becoming very thin. I began to notice the hair in the shower every time I washed it. I was up to trying anything to thicken my hair up and give it more life. I heard about a product called WEN by Chas. After watching Chas Dean wash and style some ladies hair on television, I ran out to buy me a bottle to give it a try. I made a pact to try it for one week to see if I could notice any differences. Below is my full account of my week of trial.

Day one I woke up and jumped in the shower. I began reading the bottle of Wen for directions. The directions for use of the bottle leads me to use a lot more product. I was curious until I remembered that I was using only one product, not the 3 I usually used. I washed my hair with the product and dried it with the blow dryer. Yes, my hair had the bounce and silkiness that I was promised. 

Day two I woke to extremely oily hair. I think the oiliness means I am giving my hair something that it needs. I rewash my hair with the WEN and went out for the day. Day three gives me the same results. Each day I wake, my hair is oily. Each day I have to rewash my hair. WEN by Chas promises me thick hair and it is delivering. 

WEN is a wonderful product that gives your hair the shine and silkiness you desire. The hair will have more strength and endurance. The product offers a healthier approach to hair care without having to purchase on Guthy-Renker several more products. Check out for yourself my account of WEN on

Premium Dog Food Sales See Big Increase In Sales


Sales of premium dog food sales are seeing a big increase and major dog food manufacturing companies are taking notice. The sales of specialty, all natural and premium dog foods are rising at a rapid pace and reveal a trend that is growing among pet owners. There has been a shift to eating more healthy food with less preservatives and artificial ingredients for people. It seems that the same healthy trend is growing among pet owners.

With sales steadily increasing year after year and projections forecasting more growth ahead, companies like Purina, Mars and other specialty brands are churning out new products in order to get a piece of the rapidly growing market segment. Premium dog food brand Freshpet is marketing its latest batch of newly developed dog food that they claim will taste just like your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Fresh ingredients, no preservatives and excellent taste are the hallmarks of Freshpet’s premium dog food sales strategy. Other companies like Blue Buffalo Company are offering grain free certified organic dog food made from lamb and chicken to entice health conscious consumers.

There is no question, that there is a large amount of pet food companies offering an assortment of premium dog foods nowadays. A premium dog food that stands out to me is Beneful made by Purinastore. The reason that Beneful brand dog food stands out is due to quality and pricing. If you have lots of dogs you know how important an affordable dog food is to your bottom line.

With Beneful by Purina you get the best of both worlds. It is priced very reasonably and affordable for the average dog owner, even if you have many dogs like myself. Another highlight of Beneful is that it is a very quality dog food. Purina has some of the strictest food manufacturing standards of any dog food company. Their food is tested over and over again to ensure quality, nutrition and safety for pets. The company hires scientists and nutritionists to research formulas for creating a an ideal nutritionally balanced dog food brand that also has a good taste.