Month: July 2016

Why George Soros Thinks The Ukraine Deserves Immediate Support

Russia and the Ukraine have had somewhat intertwined destinies for over a thousand years- going back to a time when the leader of Russia was frequently based in Kiev. And although the modern world has created a much different dynamic due to the current leader of Russia’s predilection with ethnicity, there is a growing sense that there needs to be more economic parity in order for the Ukraine to be stable and strong enough to handle Russian war overtures and aggression on its own.

Soros sees economics as being key

George Soros, one of the most successful investors of the past century, looked at the situation and concurred with many US-based pundits, coming out as a supporter of offering more money to the Ukraine in order to give them the ability to better manage their future and encourage investors to to have confidence with regard to approaching large deals inside of the Ukraine.

Apparently, the crux of the problem for the Ukrainian government is that it not only has direct Russian army support of rebel units in some Eastern Ukrainian cities, it also has to contend with a weakened economy and a number of systems that are archaic and bloated.

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Since a similar in spirit plan itself is already being put into play through the IMF and the EC, it appears that the goal of the current public discussion is to raise awareness for the need to support solid decision-making regarding how the plan is implemented. Of course, the fact that the Ukraine is currently suffering economic stress because there are battles going on, makes it important that Europe and the United States prioritize any support that they plan to offer the Ukraine- so it can marshal its resources faster.

Ultimately, it may take years for Russia to feel comfortable with the patchwork of colonies that it is creating in other countries. By listening to people who have the most economic clout in the region, like George Soros, there is a good chance that countries like the Ukraine will be able to stave Russia off economically without provoking a large war.

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