Month: April 2017

Jason Hope Ponders The Structure Of A Tech-centric United States

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as one of the nation’s leading tech entrepreneurs. The Arizona businessman has an impressive record to his credit.

He was one of the first movers in the premium mobile content space, beating Apple to market by nearly a decade.

But recently, Hope, who has a reputation of being perennially bullish on the future, has become concerned with some of the implications of a rapidly automating society.

The future is now
Hope has long been one of the principal proponents of all the wondrous possibilities that technologies, such as the Internet of Things, have to offer. But neither is he some kind of futurist Pollyanna. Hope has long been concerned with the implications of some of the more disruptive aspects of the widespread adoption of new technologies.

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One of these is the ever improving and expanding state of automation. Many people think of things like completely automated restaurants, where no employees are involved in food preparation or serving, and self-driving cars are foggy concepts that belong to the distant future. Jason Hope is quick to point out that their view is false. The future is now.

In California, the chain Eatsa is a fully-automated, self-serve fast food restaurant. It has more or less proven the concept of a restaurant with essentially no employees. Elsewhere in the same state, companies such as Uber and Mercedes Benz rack up millions of miles per year with completely autonomous cars. The spread of these technologies is only a matter of time.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. the Ultimate Document Provider

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a national wholesale document provider that is a leading force in the industry. They were established in 1991 as a small local title company and are today one of the largest in the industry. The are located in Palm Harbor, Florida and employ over 600 employees in three states.


Eight out of the of the top retail mortgage and title companies who are involved with property closings rely solely on Nationwide for their documentation needs, and rightly so. The mortgage industry is highly competitive, and the two most important factors are the speed of the delivery of the documents, such as lien releases and title verification are important. Also, the accuracy of these documents is extremely vital because the wrong documents can shut down a closing session on a piece of property.


Nationwide has a .78% rejection rate and a 99.89% rate of compliance. This means that the accuracy and the speed of delivery are nearly 100% on both counts, which leads the industry.


Much of the credit goes to the employees and the training that they receive. New employees have an intensive three-week training period where they cover every detail of what they will be doing when they are on the job. Then when they are in their first few months of working, they are monitored very closely until they master the tasks at hand.


Employees also have over 150 training and educational modules that are available to them. Employees can take advantage of these extra learning courses to advance withing the company. Time is set aside for anyone who wishes to participate. At any given time approximately 50% to 70% of the workforce is found to be involved in these extra pursuits.


Nationwide enjoys and enthusiastic workforce, and it is a company that people enjoy working for. This is brought out in the Top 100 workplace to work recognition, which Nationwide has been a part of for the past five out of six years, as noted by the Tampa Bay Times.


As John Hillman, the company CEO puts it, compliance is something that companies in our industry talk about a lot, but some don’t live it. To have high marks in the compliance area, you have to train for it and then publically monitor it so that it becomes a part of the corporate culture. Then and only then, will it finally become a fact of life.


Clay Siegall’s Passion For Conducting Cancer Research

In the last decade, Seattle Genetics made significant strides in the field of cancer research. Today, the company has recruited some of the leading researchers and scientists to undertake comprehensive studies on cancer and aging. The firm started as a small agency. With its continued progress in developing viable cancer therapies, Seattle Genetics has managed to expand the scope of its research to include aging-related diseases. Within five years of operations, Seattle Genetics’ stock price had tripled, indicating the firm’s impact in the industry.

Clay Siegall heads Seattle Genetics. Since he started his profession in biomedical studies, Clay has always been interested in improving the lives of cancer patients. He is a graduate of George Washington University where he earned his PhD in Genetics. He started his career at Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Research Institute by working as a senior research investigator. He rose through the ranks to become a principal scientist. Later, he joined the National Cancer Institute where he worked as a biotechnology and staff fellow.

Over the years, Siegall has helped the company to make successful breakthroughs in cancer research. Clay has a genuine desire to assist cancer patients. It is for this reason that Dr. Clay has zeroed in on developing viable cancer drugs to lengthen the lives of cancer patients. Under Siegall’s visionary leadership, the company was able to develop the first antibody-drug conjugates known as ADCETRIS.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a revered scientist. Over the years, he has specialized in targeted cancer therapies. Clay is one of the founders of Seattle Genetics, which was established in 1998. He serves as the CEO and president of company. In addition, Clay is the chairman of the board. He founded the company on the foundation of rigorous research, scientific innovation, drug development and passion for assisting patients. Presently, Siegall is leading the company in developing a pipeline of proprietary ADCs for cancer treatment.

Over the years, Clay has helped Seattle Genetics to enter into several strategic partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, and Genentech for its ADC technology. These licenses have generated over $350 million. Siegall has also guided the firm in capital-raising activities. To this end, he has secured more than $1.2 for the corporation through private and public financing.


Why Securus Technologies Deserved to Win the Gold Stevie Award

The award of Gold Stevie awarded to Securus Technology in the category of sales & customer service did not take us by any surprise. After all, the company has been billed as the leading business in corrections, investigation and criminal and civil justice solutions in the society. The award ceremony happened on 24th February 2017 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada.


Excellent Customer Care and Services


Danny de Hoyos who is the senior V.P of Operations of Securus Technologies received the award, and his speech was fantastic. He thanked the experts for acknowledging Securus Technologies in their effort in customer service. He mentioned that the team realizes the need to solve customers’ issues on the first call which is the key principle in improving on customer experience. The IT firm has put a lot of effort in developing robust technologies to help solve their clients’ demands and expectations. The primary focus should be placed on customers’ needs and help them past their stressful encounter while doing their time in the American prison systems. The rising number of their services are a clear testament to their all-round brilliance.


Judges’ Comments


Well the judges had something to say about Securus that;


  • They had recognized the problem and commitment to the company’s staff in helping improve the team a real improvement in customer service survey.#


  • Securus story was compelling despite having a challenging environment to work within.


  • The company’s role is important and for them being able to provide excellent service to their clients is impeccable.


The chief president and founder of Gold Stevie Awards Michael Gallagher said Stevie Awards in the category of sales and customer service is one of the growing award programs the growth shows the importance of sales business developing efficient customer care service in any organization.


About Securus Technology


Securus Technologies has their headquarter in Dallas Texas with 3450 agencies and 1200000 inmates on North is dedicated to civil and criminal justice technology solutions in public safety to investigate, correct and monitor. The company plans to both improve their existing infrastructure and come up with new technology to help bolster the communication between prisoners and their families.