Month: May 2017

Wildly popular Securus Video Visitation system prevents prison crime

One of the greatest privileges that inmates enjoy throughout America’s prisons is the ability to stay in constant communication with their loved ones on the outside. This cherished ability forms one of the strongest incentives for them to maintain a good record of compliant, rule-following behavior.


While this has always been the case, it has become much more of a potent incentive for inmates to stay on their best behavior since the introduction of video visitation technology. No company has been more instrumental in bringing to the market state-of-the-art video visitation software and VoIP internet telephony and video call systems then Securus Technologies. Securus’ state-of-the-art video visitation system allows inmates to stay in nearly daily contact with their loved ones on the outside, for just fractions of what a typical phone call would have cost 10 years ago.


The benefits of cheap video visitation technology for inmates are almost incalculable. Many studies have shown that recidivism is positively affected by the ability of inmates to maintain a strong socialization with law-abiding citizens. The best way to accomplish this has been shown to be allowing inmates to stay in regular contact with friends, family and loved ones on the outside of the prison walls.


But there are also enormous benefits that accrue to the prison staff itself. One of these is the ability to forego in-person visitation. In-person visitations have long been the Achilles heel of the prison security chain. This has long been one of the few places where members of the general public are allowed to come into physical contact with inmates housed at the facility. This has presented an opportunity for the passing of contraband, including weapons and drugs into the institution, posing a major threat to staff, inmates and all other persons spending time within the facility.