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Current MLB Lineups Needed


When it comes to knowing what is going on in the MLB world, you can’t let up for a second. Being on top of your game means you have to have each and every lineup accounted for No off days, no missed starts, no rotational issues, and especially no missing out on hot prospects. The only thing that can be worse than losing out on a hot tip, is losing a great potential pickup to one of your opponents. That’s exactly why you need to be sure you have the best MLB lineup and you do so by paying attention to hot sites like Fantasy Alarm.


When you hear about the news such as Luis Perdomo being a strong add, you might think it’s crazy. However, when you think about the work he has done to decrease his ERA, increasing his strikeouts per 9 innings, and even being able to keep opposing hitters from hitting a single homer. Perdomo has minimized the damage and is not only just waiting for his first decision of the season, he is a potential steal who is sitting on almost no teams. Scoop this guy up if you’re in a deeper league before someone else does, and just be sure to keep an eye on him regardless of what you want to do.


The best news is that Luis Perdomo is just one of many steals and gems being uncovered by Fantasy Alarm. Robles, Vargas, Urena, Soler, and much more are all prospects named who you should consider adding to your team ASAP. On the one hand, you might not need them all, but only the best-managed teams are able to add talent to their roster and churn out the bad for the good on a daily basis. One thing is for certain; if you want to run away with your league and look for a championship, then you need to add talent in the early summer to make it to October.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern is not only the founder and managing partner of JMH Development, but he is also the Director of Parametric Dining LLC. Born January 1, 1975, Jason is third-generation within in a family that has over a 50 year successful history in real estate. Mr. Halpern took over the family business of JMH in 2010, and currently the real estate development company has $500 million invested in various projects within New York State. Under the watchful expertise of Jason Halpern, JMH seeks to distinguish itself for its creation of distinct luxury commercial and residential properties.

JMH focuses on the restoration of historic properties, and the revitalization of properties in highly desirable and growing real estate markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. JMH Development is responsible for the recent renovation of 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, which created 340 luxury residential rental properties as a result. The neighborhood of Williamsburg has benefited greatly, from the many commercial and residential projects taken on by JMH Development’s vision for real estate, with its attractive property design and feel.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property
The Aloft Soft Beach Hotel, previously the historic Motel Ankara in Miami, Florida, is a great example of JMH Development’s focus on reuse and adaptation of historic properties. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, the 235-room hotel is one of the first to be opened in South Beach, since 2009. The hotel offers larger rooms than competitors, and allows guests to enjoy a prime waterfront location, while also being minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, boutiques, galleries, and night clubs.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern values the importance of respecting the community he selects to develop properties in, thus he seeks to build a rapport with the locations he chooses. This is a key principal for Jason and his success with JMH Development because of his passion for historic buildings and their development. JMH Development has been written about in the Miami Herald and on Business Wire.

In addition to working in real estate, Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist. Jason is invested in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. In 2015, JMH donated $20,000 of every contract signed at its Miami-based Three Hundred Collins residential project to fund water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

The Sensational Banking Career of Mike Baur

Very few people in life have had to recount their remarkable stories in the life of how they had always yearned to become someone successful when still young and going on to achieve it. To this Mike Baur can a test to a dream that finally came to be after years of hard work and dedication. Becoming a banker was all Mike Baur ever wanted to be since he was a young boy and realizing this dream to the point of earning recognition in the world of finance has been an added blessing. The dream did not come easy as it made him to slowly work his way up since he first took up his first job as an apprentice at UBS to his current position as an Executive Board Member of Swiss Bank. Swiss Bank is one of the largest privately owned banks in the world.


His solid educational background played an essential part in actually enabling him to attain his childhood dream of becoming a banker. Mike Baur has an MBA from Rochester New York University as well as Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His experience as a manager is now well over to decades since and to the testimony of his passion in banking he is still going strong with much optimism for the future.


Apart from being known as a sensational banker Mike Baur has another side to him which has equally earned praise to him. He is also widely known for his entrepreneurial skills which saw him establish an ICT Start up Factory in Switzerland. This was an idea that he hatched while still working in the private sector and it became the onset of his entrepreneurial journey just at the age of 39. The ICT Start up is independent and privately financed by Mike Baur.


In Switzerland, the Startup Factory became the No1 independent ICT start up accelerator that is privately funded. The accelerator program of the Startup Factory takes only three months to complete and mainly focuses on providing financial support, mentorship, coaching, provision of office space, and also access to an extensive entrepreneurial investor network.


In 2016 Swiss Startup Factory brokered a deal with CTI and Mike Baur became its deputy managing director. Again that year he was able to successfully lead the Startup Factory through another program they had with Goldback Group. In February 2016 he had seen the Startup Factory through another joint venture with Fintech Fusion. It was this leadership role that saw Wall Street Journal profile his career begging from the time he worked at the SwissBank to his days as an entrepreneur and investor.


Nick Vertucci – Educator and Mentor for Future Real Estate Investors

Mr. Nick Vertucci is an example of how one decision can change your entire life and bring you back on the right track. His life had gone downhill when he was ten. He spent his teenage years living in a van. Although he had started developing a business selling computer parts, his future crumbled in front of his eyes and so did his finances in 2000 when the dot com crash happened.

Having a wife and three children, Mr. Nick Vertucci had to take a loan after loan while his own income was at a minimum. The crisis lasted for 18 months until one day a friend invited him to a seminar dedicated to real estate. In the three days of the training seminar, Mr. Nick Vertucci felt like a new man. He felt a flood of inspiration and a renewed drive on Those feelings lasted and stayed with him. He spends his time learning and training, working towards establishing himself as well as a business. It took him many years, but at the end, he managed to create a simple yet highly efficient system on

His passion sprouted another new thing as well – The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. The company also created the NV Real Estate Academy. Mr. Nick Vertucci’s years of striving towards success in the industry of real estate inspired a passion for teaching others how to do it as well. Nick created the NV Real Estate Academy in order to give others the chance to change their lives and support their families for generations to come.

The NV Companies turned into one of the largest investing firms in the United States of America. The corporation is highly dedicated to training and teaching future investors in the industry of real estate and so it one of the most valuable resources to offer on Among those resources is the trademark of the founder himself. The Fortunes in Flipping system was created in order to make financial goals come true. The system is available to anyone who wishes to learn and strive for success and change their lives for the better.

According the NV Real Estate Academy offers a workshop which covers the most important topics in real estate. During the workshop, a large team of experts and trainers teach about commercial investment, wholesaling and rehabbing, flipping contracts and properties, protection of assets, buying and holding properties long-term, leveraging IRA, and much more.

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Will Oil Prices Rise? Texas Bankers Discuss Strategy

2016 was a good year for Texas bankers and the local economy. Jobs were aplenty, home prices were soaring and local Texas banks were making healthy profits. During their Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference in November 2016, they might have had some concerns about oil prices though.

Will Oil Prices Recover?

Dallas Texas is a key energy center for the world. This explains some of the success of the region. With Detroit having lost so many automobile jobs and Illinois following suit with a possible bankruptcy in July 2017, there are many people looking for high-paying jobs. Dallas Texas still has many great middle class jobs for the enterprising.

This has led to a housing boom, setting new records. Dallas used to offer low prices on very spacious homes, but now the average house price in the area is rising. Affordable Dallas housing is becoming scarce.

The median home price for Dallas was $274,000 in 2016, which had increased dramatically over the years putting it in the Top Ten for American real estate markets. It has gotten to a point were affordable houses are hard to find. More low income housing development builders are turning to banks, like NexBank for construction loans.

NexBank CEO John Holt Speaks

Unfortunately, oil prices do remain dangerously low. NexBank CEO John Holt discussed potential avenues of growth during the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. Mr. Holt was a speaker of the “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” committee.

NexBank offers a well-rounded portfolio of mortgages, business loans, student loans and institutional investor services. All are hoping that oil prices recover, so the job market in Dallas remains strong. This could lead to more housing construction loans for NexBank.

Selling Traveling Vineyard’s Top Quality Wine

If you are looking for a good new way to make some extra money, then you really need to consider the Traveling Vineyard’s opportunity. Making money selling their wine is great if you happen to know a lot people within your community who love wine and trying new drinks. The key is to utilize the power of your authority and bring people together. In this article, you’re about to discover why selling their wine can make you financially free and accomplish so much in your free time.

On the days when you aren’t working, do you ever feel like you can do so much to be more productive? Being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard can open up so many doors for you and help you make so much extra money. Being in this business can allow for you to sell their wine no matter where you are at or from. You could be living right in your own home and be selling online if that’s the case. It is so easy to be able to join and make money from this industry. The key is to utilize the training they provide for you. Go Here for more information.

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Traveling Vineyard provides immense training in their Tasting Room which has all the videos and PDF files you can read through to get an ideal idea of what you could be accomplishing with the help of their trainers. You will also be assigned a top notch trainer in your region for you to meet up with after you sign up to get the low down on every aspect of this business so you know everything. You will also find out through the training videos how you can invite people to sell and how you can make money from all of the money that they make. It’s quite a fascinating business worth joining today.

The yearly events that happen for the wine guides are great networking opportunities that can allow for you to have fun and enjoy the year’s successes. You can meet all kinds of wine guides from other parts of the nation and learn from their ideas.

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