Month: September 2017

Back to School Tips

The summer is over and parents are now thinking of children going back to school. What it is most parents minds is school reopening shopping, parent and teachers orientation, as well as choosing of extra curriculum activities. It is important for the parents to make the school opening less stressful for their children and below are tips to help caring parents deal with the school opening stress.

• Get your list early enough; before visiting the nearest school supplies store it is advisable to any parent or guardian to get the list of the required items form their children or the mails and the emails the schools send. This will help the parent to save both time and cost. According to Kevin Gallegos, it is also important to get the list for the following year as most times the list does not change.

• Budget: Kevin Gallegos is the Vice President of Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Networks. He gives the parents an advice to budget for the things that their children require before buying them. The budgeting will help them save money, as well as set goals for themselves and their children.

• Stock up on supplies; the parents or the guardian is prepared to shop because they already have the budget and the required list of items.

Freedom Financial is an organization which was established in 2002. When the organization was established, the founders had the mission of delivering quick loans to both small business owners as well as individuals. The financial institution assists their clients to get out of debt and in turn, achieve their goals as they enjoy financial liberty. Freedom Financial has a primary mandate of introducing a cutting-edge financial resolution to their customers in the Caribbean. The firm is dedicated to serving their clients as well as the society around them. Freedom Financial has a proven record of helping their clients deal with debts which include; shopping, mortgage, and personal loans.

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NuoDB SQL Databases

NuoDb is transactional Database Management System which is developed and marketed by NuoDB Inc software vendor. NuoDB uses SQL cloud database technology that ensures all its database services are easily distributed across all the data centers and network nodes of the customer with no extra expenses or extra software like most traditional databases. NuoDB SQL databases are deployed as cloud systems, and therefore the customers have a simple system with reduced complexity. The application that will be receiving services from the NuoDB database will, therefore, access services with no challenges based on location or speed on access.

The NuoDB SQL database is elastic and available. This ensures durability and consistency to the connected applications. The database at the application side remains simple and smart with lower costs and fewer infrastructure needs.
A business that offers services via applications that users directly interact with would be more efficient if the application never experiences downtimes. Customers may require access to the system all time of day being diverse in their activities and time schedules. Using NuoDB SQL databases may be the best option since the databases will remain available with no network outages or server failures even during maintenance periods with no regard to the business requirements.

The Trabuco: One Of Many Medieval Siege Weapons

A Trabuco is a siege weapon that was implemented during the Middle Ages. As a siege weapon, the Trabuco’s role in military campaigns was to destroy fortifications, clearing the way for artillery units, removing the cover preventing weapons from hitting enemy combatants, and clearing the way for other units to break through barricades.

While the term “Trabuco” is also a used by Brazilians to describe large-caliber shotguns and revolvers, the siege weapon that this article is concerned with was deployed up until the proliferation of gunpowder. Notably, one English translation for “trabuco” is “blunderbuss.” After the development of gunpowder, the Trabuco was only resorted to when defenses or sieges took place around sites unsuitable for cannons and firearms, such as Cortés’ attack on Tenochtitlán, the Aztec’s capitol city. During a Spanish siege of the British-controlled Straight of Gibraltar, the British officers were forced to construct a Trabuco; while the success of this decision remains unknown, the Spanish forces were defeated based on

The Trabuco, whose name seems to be a cognate of the French “trebuchet,” works through a slingshot mechanism. Soldiers would place the Trabuco’s payload, commonly weighing between 110 and 300 pounds, into a large sling; some historical accounts indicate that soldiers would fling their dead into an enemy base as a form of psychological and biochemical warfare. According to, between 15 and 45 men, whose numbers might include civilians living in a nearby city, would then place a weight into position until the mechanism was properly readied. The weapon would then be fired, releasing a counterweight that converted gravitational force into kinetic energy and sent the payload hurtling at the enemy base in an impressive overhead arc. Accounts of the Trabuco’s performance reference projectile weights as heavy as 1500 kilograms, over 3300 pounds, and distances averaging nearly as far as 1,000 feet.

The four biggest factors in the Trabuco’s time as a siege weapon were availability of wood, construction time, having sufficient operating manpower and access to gunpowder. While evidence of single-man Trabucos exist, most models required a sizable amount of lumber and one Trabuco could take nearly a fortnight to construct.

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How Review-Centric Marketing Strategy Boosted Fabletic’s Growth

Modern businesses have to do with complicated consumers. Buyers who are skeptic of the traditional forms of marketing and advertising. The advent of the internet has made things worse for businesses who are shy of innovations. Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s brain child, has been receptive to the changes emanating from the marketing world. Fabletics has successfully adopted the power of the crowd marketing strategy, and it is looking great for the company.

The power of the crowd involves consumers actively looking for crowd-sourced reviews about a product, and bypassing other forms of promotion about the same product. Buyers are increasingly trusting the reviews they read about a product. According to some buyers, reviews are the equivalent of personal recommendation from someone they trust. Many brands, Fabletics included have embraced review-centric marketing strategies.

Fabletics has a lot to show for shifting its marketing strategies to user reviews. Since its launch four years ago, the company has witnessed a tremendous growth exceeding 200% and over $235 million in income. Fabletics has also increased its number of paying members by over one million. Marketing experts such as Shawn Gold of TechStyle Fashion Group, have attributed the unprecedented growth rightly to user reviews, also known as crowd. Consumer reviews have been associated with increased sales, repeat purchases, and customer retention by brands regardless of the industry.

Technology in the form of the internet is revolutionizing marketing. Many consumers have access to the web where they search for businesses and reviews about products. Fabletics has capitalized on this information, the company has a functioning website,, to increase its online presence. Kate Hudson, on a monthly basis, reviews some of the products sold by the company. Kate Hudson is a public figure and has been helpful in creating honest reviews. Studies have proven that consumers trust online reviews and they research businesses online. In response to customers, 76% of leading consumer companies, according to research firm L2, have embedded reviews from consumers on their websites to increase purchases. Customers tend to value reviews more than price tags on items. If a product is cheaper when compared to other related products but its reviews are negative, customers tend to ignore such products.

The type of reviews that a company receives have consequences on the online presence of that company. Positive reviews improve the ease of finding a company using a search engine. Brands should aim to improve their online presence by appearing in Google’s local 3-Pack among other important Google rankings. The bottom line: reviews drive sales and sales result in profits.

Fabletics was founded in 2013. The founders, Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson are passionate about offering stylish and high-quality activewear at reasonable costs. The company offers a broad range of products, a consumer wishing to purchase any of their products should take a lifestyle quiz, provided by the company, to find out which Fabletics gear is best for them. Kate Hudson has played an active role in the business to ensure that Fabletics is successful.

Traveling Vineyard’s Amazing Business Ideas

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that deals with wine tasting and wine selling at the comfort of one’s home. Rick Libby holds the president’s position in the business, and under his leadership, the company’s sales have grown immensely. Rick got this idea of networking from his friend’s wife experience and decided to use the same strategy to sell wine. The networking idea involves individuals who would like to work from home or those who want to make money at their own free time. Traveling Vineyard offers the opportunity to people where they can work with flexible hours. Working moms can also benefit from Traveling Vineyard because taking care of kids is a full-time job yet it has no pay. A mom who has some free hours can decide to engage in the business and make money as well.

Traveling Vineyard’s Success kit is the first thing to purchase when one is interested in the business. The whole pack includes marketing materials, brochures, wine glasses, wine carrying bags, and order forms which are bought at $99. For one to start the job, two tasting sets should also be purchased, and they go at a price of $75. The purpose of getting two tasting sets is to prevent being out of stock. Once an individual buys all that they become a wine guide and if they get to sell the tasting sets at $150 a bonus of the $75 is awarded to the wine guide. The initial purchasing capital is earned back, and the sales continue. Inviting a new friend is also encouraged because when friends sell wine worth $750 the one who brought them receives a bonus of $100.

A personal website is also offered, and the site is maintained for free the first three months then the wine guide should be able to pay $15.95 after those first months and on wards. The site enables the guide to post their events and also people can order from the site. To be successful in the business one has to be able to connect with new people and network the business. One should also be able also to hold events where they get to expose the products to their friends and other people. The easiest way for the guides would be to host parties at their own homes because it is comfortable and also price friendly. A wine guide benefits from the companies trip and also reduced prices on the product when they want to purchase the products. Traveling Vineyard is a company that is giving people the chance to make careers while doing other day to day activities. The starting capital is also affordable and easy to get started with Traveling Vineyard. The company has an excellent reputation when it comes to helping women make money even when they are full-time moms.

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