Freedom Debt Relief Is the Number One Debt Relief Program in the US

As recently reported in the news, Equifax suffered a data breach that may have affected more than one hundred and forty three million Americans. In order to find out whether or not you have been affected by this breach, you should go to the Equifax website and follow the instructions that are posted there. The next step is to freeze your credit reports if you find out that you have been affected. You can also choose to freeze credit reports with the other credit reporting bureaus if you so wish. If you need to open up a new account or otherwise use your credit, you can simply unfreeze your credit report by using a special PIN that you set up when freezing your report.

You should also review your credit reports to find out if there has been any suspicious activity. Find out if new accounts were opened without your knowledge, if new loans were applied for, or if your name or address is misspelled in the report. You should also keep checking and monitoring your bank account to make sure that no unauthorized charges were filed on your account. If you see any unauthorized charges, even small ones, you should immediately notify your bank so that they can stop them and help you get a new card and prevent the old card from being used again.

Freedom Debt Relief is part of the Freedom Financial Network. It helps you get relieved of your debts. They have saved over one billion dollars for their customers. They do this by negotiating your debt with your creditors to significantly reduce what you owe. They were founded by two graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business. They offer free evaluations to people who have debt and are looking for a solution to the problem.


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