Mikhail Blagosklonny: the Cure for Cancer and Anti-aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist and researcher. Mikhail has spent most of his career life researching about the causes and treatment of cancer and aging related problems. Professor Blagosklonny inventions have and will continue to be very helpful in the field of oncology. He has conducted numerous researches that have helped in the development of cancer medicines. Throughout his career life, Mikhail has earned the respect of many people for his outstanding research work. Blagosklonny has been a role model to many people especially his peers and students at Rosewell Cancer Institute in New York where he teaches oncology.Currently, Professor Mikhail is researching to establish the relationship between aging and cancer. It has been found out that cancer is more common to individuals above a certain age. The research work has attracted a lot of attention in the medical field especially on impactjournals.com. All Mikhail Blagosklonny research works are not only geared toward finding ways to treating cancer but also treating cancer effectively. The current cancer treatment method is usually painful and expensive to the ordinary citizen.

Also, researcher Blagosklonny is committed to developing a process in which cancerous cells can be removed from the body without damaging the normal cells. Healthy cells play a significant role towards the recovery of the mind and the body after the long period of cancer treatment.Apart from cancer, scientist Mikhail is a distinguished anti-aging condition researcher. Blagosklonny studied aging and cancer at the prestigious Rosswell Cancer Institute in New York. While at Rosswell Institute, Mikhail discovered that the target of rapamycin (TOR) is responsible for aging. TOR in a developing cell speeds up growth and cannot be stopped easily. This abnormal growth affects the cells and damages the body organs. As the effect of TOR continues to affect the cells and damage body organs, the number of tumor increases thus making people be at high risks of getting cancer as they grow old.

Mikhail Blagosklonny early life

Mikhail Blagosklonny was born in Russia but currently lives in New York, United States. He is widely recognized for his greatest contributions in the field of oncology. Researcher Blagosklonny studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. It was in this institution where he acquired his medical degree in the field of internal medicine. He later earned his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the same university.After completing his studies, Mikhail worked for New York Medical College as the associate professor. In 2002, prof. Blagosklonny accepted a top position at the Ordway Research Institute where he served as a senior scientist, a position he held until 2009 when he was appointed as the professor of oncology at the prestigious Rosswell Park Center Institute.Despite being much involved with research work, Blagosklonny finds time to share his knowledge with other professionals in the medical field. He teaches doctors on the different kind of therapies that can be used to protect patient’s healthy cells from extensive damage among other topics through a medical journal called Oncotarget. Mikhail also acts as one of the chief editors of this journal.