What Makes Securus Technologies the Best in Crime Prevention?

There was a time when the country’s correctional facilities were also known as the best place to be killed. This was because of the inability of the prison administration to contain and control the inmates. This led to some of the criminals taking whatever illegal activities they were jailed for behind bars. Well, things have been getting better over the years, and mostly this is the result of the involvement of private companies in the process. Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Unit was established in 1997, and they have made massive changes to the manner in which Crime is fought within the system.


The better business bureau has been following the activities of the company and has rated it. The bureau normally makes use of parameters such as the licensing of the business, their advertising techniques, how much the business is out of business, government action on the business, bankruptcy filing and several others. According to BBB, Securus has been in business for 20 years and has never been out of business. During this time, the company has had a few customer issues, but the bureau commends the manner in which the disputes are settled. The customer services representatives seem very well versed with their job and are always willing to assist.


The quality of the services offered is another parameter which is used in judging the ability of the company. The reviews which have been left behind by the customers show that their services are highly recommended. They have invested in state of the art technology which assists their clients when to monitor inmate activity and prevent crime, both inside the correctional facilities and also on the outside. They have helped private citizens handle employees who were involved in illegal activities such as selling contraband, and solved cases for them. Securus is doing a wonderful job crime prevention.