The Emerging Trend of Rocketship Education

Many parents across the United States are concerned about the decaying aspects of public education, along with what the system is failing to provide for their children and the nation alike. The purpose of education is the success of the student, not just a list of specific information training in certain subjects that must be acknowledged by the government. Primary educators across the nation likewise have the same concerns regarding how and what the next generation is being taught, especially regarding science and mathematics. The solution for these concerns is apparently becoming very obvious to parents in many areas across the U.S., from California to Washington, D.C. That solution is coming in the form of charter elementary schools like the Rocketship Education project.

Rocketship Education is the brainchild of two educators who were dismayed at what they experienced early in their professional educational careers. Preston Smith and John Danner both understood quickly that teaching a generic curriculum to elementary students was not preparing them for new information they should consume later in their education. They decided to combat this problem by developing a new charter school program that stated a mission of training children in a more comprehensive and personal manner, especially regarding the talents of the student.

After establishing the program pilot school in San Jose, California, the team of elementary educators began pitching their idea to parental groups across the nation who shared their concerns regarding elementary education in the United States. When building a technically educated workforce and emerging generation, it is important to begin early. That is the focus of Rocketship Education and the significant number of schools that are now operational throughout the nation. Along with the two now located in California, there are also charter Rocketship Education schools in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. as well.