Role of AI Technologies in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

In this current dynamic digital world, the technologically-savvy businesses that incorporate the latest digital methods stand a better chance at thriving.

AI technology is majorly helping in timely solutions to business challenges, allowing businesses to identify potential customers and their preferences to determine how to address them and also let personalised customer experience by engaging them in various platforms.

Multivariate testing

This process is the technique for testing multiple variables to determine which variable combinations gives the best results.

Sentient AI – Multivariate testing

Multivariate testing helps to obtain timely solutions for businesses, saving them time and money. It allows testing and evaluation of many ideas at the same time instead of having to prioritize and testing ideas singly thus will enable the business to focus on delivering the product.

Sentient developed Sentient Ascend through which marketers can test their different ideas at the same time. In evolutionary algorithms that mimic biological evolution, the tech determines which individual changes and a combination of changes would achieve best results. Sentient Ascend gives marketers the control they require in predicting and meeting their customers’ demands, giving them a smooth and flawless experience.

Multivariate testing solutions have significantly reduced the marketer’s workload.

Sentient AI – Personalized shopping

Sentient Aware is an AI-powered e-commerce recommendation engine for the mobile-fast world that allows you to deploy frictionless and secure personalized shopping experience across all your digital platforms.

It increases conversion rates over three times and works seamlessly on any device. It gives customers a right personalized shopping by analyzing the customers’ unique behavior at the moment, thus provide quick and accurate product recommendations. It also offers a much-improved way of searching online because it gives recommendations based on the visual preferences of the customer.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentient Ascend is a conversion rate optimization solution that uses evolutionary algorithms to accelerate testing for designs and determining the best models to adopt by business people.

The tech gives marketers the freedom to try many more images, copy, design and determine the communication changes so as to increase the lead to high revenues and conversions.

Ascension allows marketers to test changes across an entire sales funnel and the multiple pages as a single test. Leveraging this capability translates to increasing conversion rate optimization and average order value.

AI technologies aim at maximizing the expected results while minimizing the input.