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TMS Health Solutions: Brings Permanent Recovery Solutions for Clinical Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions

Depression and other mental health issues are one of the biggest areas in the health and wellbeing that got significant advancements in the treatment procedures in the recent years. When the treatment became more scientific, it started producing far better and quicker results than the yesteryears. However, considering the increased complexity of life and people from different backgrounds, proper care for the conditions are a dream in a majority of cases. This is where TMS Health Solutions from California is making an attempt to help as many people as it can with the help of its expert staff, uniquely designed treatment solutions, and personal care.

TMS Health Solutions is a network of clinics across Northern California with greater expertise on various mental health conditions. It is known to provide excellent treatment for clinical depression conditions and Treatment-Resistant Depression. While coming to clinical depression or Major Depressive Disorder, the clinic network uses a combination of talk therapy and medication. Interestingly, in a number of cases, just talk therapy gives the desired results, and the patient recovers completely without the need of the medication. However, there are situations where patients do not respond to any of the clinical depression treatment options.

Such mental conditions are known as Treatment-Resistant Depression or TRD. Studies show that almost 40% of the clinical depression cases are actually TRD, and that need alternative treatment options to cure the condition. While coming to TRD, TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is found to be producing greater results, and the clinic network is an expert in providing the treatment. While coming to the treatment for TRD conditions, the clinic network uses a blend of both medications as well as TMS. The combination of treatment options ensures quicker results with highest recovery rate.

While coming to the TMS therapy, it generates electromagnetic impulses in the prefrontal cortex and stimulates cortical neurons for curing the symptoms of depression. Interestingly, the innovative therapy is approved by FDA in 2008 and used for studies at Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Compared to other treatment procedures, TMS produces negligible side effects including scalp discomfort. The clinic also offers Electroconvulsive Therapy treat the TRD conditions. During the treatment process, small electric currents through the brain for producing a brief seizure. Compared to TMS, Electroconvulsive Therapy can only be performed after administering general anesthesia. Also, the patients should stay at the clinic or hospital and known for producing severe side effects during the early days of treatment.

“Jordan Lindsey’s Key of Productivity”

JCL Capital Solutions, the fast growing company dealing with determining the appropriate funding amount & payback terms for businesses, is composed of highly motivated professionals that are determined to maximize the profitability of businesses. JCL Capital Solutions founder, Jordan Lindsey, is the driving force behind this group of professionals. Jordan Lindsey is a New York native and through experience, he gained a mind to become an entrepreneur. He used the formula of planning ahead and then following through as the backbone to productivity. Mr. Lindsey is known amongst his colleagues as a veteran algo trader in the technology industry and an experienced founder in financial services.

JCL Capital Solutions is not Jordan Lindsey’s only company. He has increased his marketing strategy to include cryptocurrency. Jordan Lindsey’s company, Bitcoin Growth Bot, created the cryptocurrencies first 100% transparent trading bot for a lending program. This program use algorithms to manage Bitcoin assets in the foreign exchange markets such as Metatrader. MetaTrader is a Forex platform used for trading. Jordan Lindsey has tutorials and tips dealing with Forex Metatrader 4 Platform on his Youtube Channel.

The foreign exchange markets are the largest market in the world and Mr. Lindsey is actively involved in it. In 2017, he finished the creation of a coding algorithm which used the MQL4 language on the Metatrader 4 platform. In a market that deals with trading five trillion dollars a day between countries, banks, central banks, and corporations, the algorithm was a success. This caused Mr. Lindsey to use his formula of creating the key to productivity for more success. He first visualized mentally what he wanted to accomplish next, and then he prioritized each task mentally. The result was the creation of his personalized cryptocurrency.

Using Jordan Lindsey as a success story, it can be said that with the right strategies anyone can conquer the Forex Platform. Forex is the largest, decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. Another name for Forex is foreign exchange. Even though Jordan Lindsey had a lot of success dealing with the Forex platform, someone less experienced should start slower. The first thing a beginner trader in the Forex platform should know is find the trends through a trending market. A trending market is a market in which the cost is generally moving in a solid direction. There are different reasons for trends, but a good starting point is look at the USD against the other 7 major currencies. Then you compare how that currency is performing against the other currencies.

On the Ball with Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers might be one of the biggest upcoming musical duos over the last two years. Recently, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine to discuss their leap into the spotlight.

Pall begins the conversation by telling Interview Magazine about how he got into making music, and about his early days as a DJ. He tells Mr. Rosenzweig that one day he realized that he was infatuated with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and that all he wanted to do was spin it and listen to it. His manager caught wind of this and mentioned that he might want to work with Taggart- another EDM fan and fellow DJ.

Taggart cuts in to continue the story, and tells Interview Magazine just how surprised and shocked he was to receive the invitation. It took a single trip to New York City for Drew to quit his job and start brainstorming music with Pall. Their overall goal as artists was to convey a true experience of who they were to their fans. They wanted genuine stories of everything from love to hookups- and that’s exactly how their song ‘Closer’ was born.

Mr. Rosenzweig goes on to ask the pair about that song, focusing on what it was like to record and work with Halsey for the first time. Alex Pall interjects in immediately, and recounts the whole experience. He explains that like he and Taggart, Halsey is an artist who does her best to convey the human experience to her fans no matter what other artists might think.

The duo also goes into detail about their fans and what demographic they know that they are reaching. The young men utilize social media applications, like Instagram and Twitter, to promote and measure the sales of their albums and merchandise. Right now the Chainsmokers are reaching a dynamic group of individuals whose ages range from sixteen to twenty-five, according to Interview Magazine.

Taggart finishes up the interview by telling Mr. Rosenzweig that the only goal they have moving forward is to reach new people with authentic music.

Get Moving with Heal N Soothe!

Heal N Soothe is a nutritional supplement that reduces inflammation and aids in healing. The main star of this supplement is the Systemic Enzymes, with 11 other ingredients found in nature to help with pain relief and the healing process. This supplement is for those suffering with arthritic pain, or any type pain with inflammation.

Once the body gets injured, like a sprain, it sends proteins to the site that causes pain and swelling. Pain is there to alert us that there is a problem; swelling is intended to keep the area stiff so we don’t incur further damage when we move. Then the body will send enzymes to break of up the inflammatory proteins and begin the healing process begins. However, once the human body gets to the ages of 25-29, the production of those anti-inflammatory proteins is far less. That’s why injuries that only take weeks to heal on a child can take months on an adult. This supplement seeks to change that.

Heal N Soothe contains systemic enzymes which will break down scar tissue and the proteins that cause inflammation, regulate the immune system and assist in the healing process. The other 11 nature-made ingredients also aid in reducing pain and inflammation. They are as follows: Bromelain, Tumeric extract, Papain, Devil’s Claw, Boswellia, Vitamin E, Ginger, Rutin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, l-glutathione, and Mohave Yucca root.

This supplement is a great alternative to traditional pain medications because it is not addictive. The combination of ingredients also makes this supplement safe for long-term use. The enzymes seek to assist in healing the injury as well, rather than simply mask the pain. The recommended usage for best results is to take one capsule three times daily on an empty stomach. It costs $59 for one bottle, or you can order your first bottle for free (just pay shipping and handling), and then the company will deliver a bottle every 30 days for $49.95 per month. You can find it on the company website,, or

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Next bank success

Nexbank is a banking institution that is based in Dallas, Texas. The firm financial deals with the provision of commercial banking services, mortgages and also banks for institutions. Nexbank was founded by James Dondero in 1922. At the time of its creation, the bank was called 2515 McKinney Avenue. The founder created the bank with the aim of making profits through the provision of the basic banking services. Nexbank has rapidly grown over the years, and it now has over 100 employees. According to their latest financial report, the bank had a total of about $6.4 billion. This is an enormous figure considering that the bank was started as a small company by an individual. They have a team of expert executive workers who are responsible for ensuring that the company’s plans are effectively delivered. The executives also ensure that clients are served with the utmost degree of professionalism.

On August 2016, Nexbank announced that it had managed to raise $24million common equity capital. The bank intends to use the generated funds to cater for their general corporate expenses. The president of the institution, Mr. John Holt was quick to thank the company’s shareholders for their concerted efforts in helping to raise funds to run the institution. The CEO revealed that these funds would be used to further advance the development projects that the company had initiated. In the first six months of 2016, the company made a net income of $38.1 million. The total assets owned by the company as at the time of reporting was slightly above $3.5 billion. This was recommendable since the new asset base bettered the one recorded in the previous year by 61 percent. Nexbank also recorded deposits totaling to $2.6billion. This was a 49 percent increase from the previous year’s deposits. Although they made a loss in the second quarter, they still managed to maintain their tier 1 leverage status.

Jeremy L. Goldstein: Your Go To Business Lawyer

Jeremy L. Goldstein has been known to be a man of honor that created a name for himself in the business world as the go-to person to help you solve any legal matter. First starting by attaining his first career in the New York University and his masters at the University of Chicago, Jeremy Goldstein has been clearing his path to success. His youthful serving days were first spent working at the Law Firm Watch fell, Lipton where he worked tirelessly to make sure his firm represent their clients well. While gaining a lot of experience of how the business world works, he then decided that it was time for him to take a leap of faith into the new world on his own.



He created the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associate in other to make sure he can bring in bright minds to help him represent businesses in courts and all this without needing to seek permission from any boss. His dreams are big and so are his actions. This step turned out to be in the right direction as he has had client among the fortune 500 ranging from Goldman Sachs to Bank of America, Verizon, and many others. Jeremy Goldstein knows his job and has made it his responsibility to work with companies who abide by laws and normal human morals.



Jeremy Goldstein has always been relevant in his field holding a lot of positions across different associations. He is a chair at the Merger and Acquisition subcommittee of the Executive compensation committee in the American Bar Association Business section. Closing deals sometimes are not always fun but whether it’s a peace deal or one that you try to avoid being cheated, a lawyer is important to be in the seating. And Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has witnessed a lot of this deals go down and ended smoothly. An example of such deal was when Bank One Cooperation was acquired by J. P Morgan Chase and Co. Big companies fear lawsuit as there is a lot on the line, their reputation and their income and others. To prevent this, they make sure they get competent lawyers to advise them and represent them. So even if they happen to be unable to avoid the lawsuit, they have competent lawyers like Mr. Jeremy Goldstein to appear in the court to represent them.



Businesses run the economy. Having a business lawyer is something a business can’t do without. There are many business lawyers but they are few who have been able to stand the test of time and one of them is Jeremy L. Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein is still as relevant as his youthful days using technology to his advantage regularly posting beneficial articles online to help businesses avoid legal related complications. Learn more:

The Amazing Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich History & Background

When Taking a look at the career of Dr. Rod Rohrich, it truly is amazing to see how much he has accomplished in his career. If we had to describe it in a few words, there really is no good description of Dr. Rod Rohrich’s career that would not be an understatement. As illustrious as his career may be already, it’s even more impressive that he has achieved so much is such a demanding and competitive field in the medical profession. In fact, Dr. Rod Rich has managed to make a name for himself as a plastic surgeon, an even more demanding and challenging area in the medical world. Needless to say, Dr. Rod Rohrichhas accomplished many things that very few of his peers can compare with. In addition, considering the amount of dedication and commitment he has proven over the years to have, it’s easy to see why he is as respected and as admired as he is by his peers for what he has done.

Again, there really isn’t anything that Dr. Rod Rohrich has not already accomplished as a highly-regarded medical professional. To start, Dr. Rod Rohrich has had an amazing educational career having received honors various distinguished universities. As a matter of fact, Dr. Rod Rohrich is credited with being the founding executive of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern medical center. As amazing as that fact is, Dr. Rod Rohrich has accomplished so much more. As to not continue to talk about a very long list of accomplishments of Dr. Rod Rohrich, simply puy, he is a true master of his craft. With that said, there are many examples to choose from that illustrate just how amazing Dr. Rod Rohrich really is. Here is an example of just one of his many successful ventures as a distinguished plastic surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich& His Contributions

Dr. Rod Rohrich has contributed tremendously to the medical scene around the world. in fact, he has contributed so much so that he is internationally regarded as one of the best at what he does. He truly has contributed immensely and, a great example of that is his attendance and involvement in numerous symposia for cosmetic surgeons. In an article by which speaks on his attendance at some of these conferences goes on to explain how his attendance alone is helping advance the field of cosmetic surgery. With his attendance at some of these conferences, combined with his willingness to spread his vast knowledge in cosmetic surgery, is helping the field in ways that couldn’t have happened before. It goes without saying that Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of if not the best at what he does.