TMS Health Solutions: Brings Permanent Recovery Solutions for Clinical Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions

Depression and other mental health issues are one of the biggest areas in the health and wellbeing that got significant advancements in the treatment procedures in the recent years. When the treatment became more scientific, it started producing far better and quicker results than the yesteryears. However, considering the increased complexity of life and people from different backgrounds, proper care for the conditions are a dream in a majority of cases. This is where TMS Health Solutions from California is making an attempt to help as many people as it can with the help of its expert staff, uniquely designed treatment solutions, and personal care.

TMS Health Solutions is a network of clinics across Northern California with greater expertise on various mental health conditions. It is known to provide excellent treatment for clinical depression conditions and Treatment-Resistant Depression. While coming to clinical depression or Major Depressive Disorder, the clinic network uses a combination of talk therapy and medication. Interestingly, in a number of cases, just talk therapy gives the desired results, and the patient recovers completely without the need of the medication. However, there are situations where patients do not respond to any of the clinical depression treatment options.

Such mental conditions are known as Treatment-Resistant Depression or TRD. Studies show that almost 40% of the clinical depression cases are actually TRD, and that need alternative treatment options to cure the condition. While coming to TRD, TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is found to be producing greater results, and the clinic network is an expert in providing the treatment. While coming to the treatment for TRD conditions, the clinic network uses a blend of both medications as well as TMS. The combination of treatment options ensures quicker results with highest recovery rate.

While coming to the TMS therapy, it generates electromagnetic impulses in the prefrontal cortex and stimulates cortical neurons for curing the symptoms of depression. Interestingly, the innovative therapy is approved by FDA in 2008 and used for studies at Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Compared to other treatment procedures, TMS produces negligible side effects including scalp discomfort. The clinic also offers Electroconvulsive Therapy treat the TRD conditions. During the treatment process, small electric currents through the brain for producing a brief seizure. Compared to TMS, Electroconvulsive Therapy can only be performed after administering general anesthesia. Also, the patients should stay at the clinic or hospital and known for producing severe side effects during the early days of treatment.