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Malcolm CasSelle revolutionizing virtual gaming

WAX is headed by the renowned entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle who also serves OPSkins which is an online marketplace as its CIO. Malcolm CasSelle previously worked with CTO as its President tasked with controlling digital assets. He also worked with Timeline labs as a CEO in the social signaling platform where he was handling the display and measuring of content.

He has also been involved in startups like Xfire, Mediapass, and Groupon among others. He is known to be an investor in Facebook and Zynga involved in funding blockchain verticals. Malcolm CasSelle was the co-starter of PCCW which is a Hong Kong’s public traded telecom. He helped to raise billions of private transactions and public offering among others for the company while working there.

Malcolm CasSelle attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Computer Science and acquired a bachelor’s degree. He also attended Stanford University where he managed to graduate with a degree. He is well versed in speaking Mandarin and Japanese.

WAX was developed by OPSkins that manages video game securities on online platforms.WAX targets more than 400 plus people who purchase and sell items in the game market. WAX offers a platform that is decentralized to allow everyone to manage a virtual marketplace with no investment in infrastructure and security. WAX acts as a trading platform whereby customers purchase virtual asset amongst one another. The company helps to contain fragmentation and fraud that are among the biggest problems affecting the virtual asset market in general.

The company uses its tokens to create a frictionless market, whereby individuals can have the liberty to sell and buy their tokens in the blockchain platform provided. Consumers can do a variety of things with their tokens on the WAX platform such as; being allowed to trade without moving away from the screen they are using. The WAX tokens take the form of a value that has been stored or getting game products and an efficient contract for purchasing, trading, and renting. It helps to reduce financial risks as the supply of goods worldly is done in a market that is not centralized.

WAX hopes to offer its support to specific needs of the video game asset market, thereby creating a chance to thrive in the global market.

The Gradual Growth of OSI Industries

The success of a company highly depends on many factors. As for OSI Industries, the company is currently among the largest food providers globally. With a workforce of 20,000 employees at the 65 facilities distributed across the 17 countries where the company has ventured, the organization has been able to grow remarkably.

Background Check

The history of OSI Industries dates back to the era of American immigrants from foreign states. During the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky was among the German immigrants who settled in Chicago, Illinois. Since the presence of immigrants made the city quite industrious, Otto Kolschowsky decided to launch a shop that dealt with meat products. Although the meat business began as a retail enterprise, Otto Kolschowsky’s grew into a wholesale business with time. With time, the business became family-based, thereby being renamed to Otto & Sons as from 1928. Under the name Otto & Sons, the business was able to thrive more and more.

The Partnership between Family Businesses

The first McDonald’s restaurant was first launched in 1955 by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before the restaurant was launched, Ray Kroc first entered into an agreement with Arthur and Harry- the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. The agreement involved Otto & Sons becoming the suppliers of meat products to the newly opened restaurant.

Ray Kroc later bought the McDonald’s enterprise after which he became the chief executive officer of the modern day McDonald’s enterprise. With time, Otto & Sons were primarily tasked with supplying freshly grounded beef to the McDonald’s enterprise round the clock. As a result, Otto & Sons was soon to gain more recognition.

The Advent of Ground-breaking Technology

The McDonald’s enterprise was growing day in day out. As a result, Otto & Sons were tasked with the responsibility of transporting fresh meat products over long distances while still maintaining the mark of quality. Luckily, during the 1960’s, the concept of flash freezing came into play. The food would be frozen quickly using liquid nitrogen. As a result of the breakthrough, the ties between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons became stronger.

The breakthrough regarding food preservation came in handy since Otto & Sons were able to cut costs, thereby experiencing higher profits. Since then, Otto & Sons continued to expand. As of 1977, Otto & Sons decided to venture into West Jordan, Utah. Other facilities were also established since then. As McDonald’s expanded on a global scale, OSI Industries also followed suit.


The future might not be predictable, but optimism is quite essential if you are bound to succeed. Since McDonald’s was Otto & Sons largest client, the more the restaurant expanded, the more the enterprise had to formulate new ways to preserve food so that it may be transported for long distances. With the advent of the use of liquid nitrogen to preserve fresh beef in a grounded state, Otto & Sons were able to establish a more formidable working relationship with the McDonald’s enterprise.

Later on, Otto & Sons was able to grow on a global scale, and they changed the enterprise’s name into OSI. Currently, the OSI Industries is a revered food supplier globally. The enterprise has been able to maintain a positive track record, and they have been growing on a daily basis, thanks to excellent customer service.

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Matt Badiali and Banyan Tree Publishing Offer Financial Insights

Banyan Hill Publishing has a lot to say about the state of the market and various investment vehicles. Matt Badiali puts his professional experience and three degrees — B.S., Masters, and Ph.D — to work in his capacity as Chief Resource Investment Expert. Banyan Hill Publishing provides a solid service to 400,000 readers of its website. People want investment advice. They won’t find all the advice they need with the typical Wall Street resources. Those 400,000 readers turn to Banyan Hill Publishing for news and information. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Although the name Banyan Hill Publishing came about in 2016, the company isn’t a new one. The history of the entity dates back to 1998 when it was originally founded as The Sovereign Society. The Sovereign Society promoted personal liberty and self-reliance. Not too surprisingly, these traits were linked to financial matters. Solid fiscal footing greatly supports individual freedom.

Of course, there are different ways a person can achieve financial independence. The then-Sovereign Society published insights online on various topics ranging from asset protection, establishing businesses, bank accounts, and residency overseas, investing globally, and more. The name change to Banyan Hill Publishing reflects a new phase the company moves. With talent such as Matt Badiali placed in key positions, Banyan Hill Publishing should continue to do well.


The rebranded name carries some symbolism with it. The banyan tree grows in a unique way — the branches of the tree grow additional roots that connect to the ground. This creates supporting trunks designed to protect the tree against hurricanes and various other natural disasters. The tree protects itself. Investors must do the same to address their own financial matters. As an investment expert, Matt Badiali spent a great deal of time educating himself on the market. Anyone who amasses such knowledge can likely put it to effective use.

Like extreme weather events, market volatility can create highly-chaotic situations. Investors who educate themselves about financial matters may be able to weather financial storms. Reading quality financial websites and other resources helps with this cause.

Help yourself by checking out what Matt Badiali and Banyan Tree Publishing are currently discussing. Again, educating yourself usually comes with rewards. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

Equity first holdings news.

Equity first holdings is a financial company which started its operations in Indianapolis in the year 2002. The company was started by Christy Jr who is still the owner and the president of the company. The primary mission of the starting the company was to provide an alternative source of finance to investors and business peoples. The company has been offering short-term loans where they have been able to complete over 600 transactions over the years.

Equity first holding operates globally with offices in different countries including China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia and they are planning to open offices in other countries. The staffs of the company are much qualified in offering their services thus maintaining the high reputation of the company. The company provide the loan in terms of the performance of the shares in the market. Other than credit offering the company also advise their client regarding investments and financial matters.

Psi Pay: Contactless Payment is the Way of the Future

In recent years the popularity and variety of contactless payments have expanded and become even more secure. One of the more stylish options is the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay in conjunction with Kerv Wearables. Psi Pay is an online banking company with a wide variety of credit card and prepaid debit card services. The company Psi Pay became incorporated in 2007 but the Kerv Ring is the first contactless payment method that comes in the form of the ring.


The times are changing when it comes to how we pay for our services and goods. People are tired of complicated debit cards that need signatures and pins. Not only do they just take too much time, they have some serious security issues. In just the last 2 years, a survey showed that almost half of the participants carry less money with them than they used to.


There are many reasons why customers have been moving away from cash and traditional plastic cards. These range from convenience, security, and even style. While many of the alternative payment methods are either bulky or easy to lose, the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay is stylish. The rings come in Kerv Ring from Psi Pay comes in many different color options that include black or white glossy finishes on the outside. In fact, 32% of millennials think that in the future we won’t even need to carry wallets at all.


The traditional banking systems have been failing their customers. Some of these incidents have left their customers without any access to their money at all! In other cases, customers were just unable to access their accounts at all. These banks just weren’t built to handle the problems that come with modern payment processing options.


Wearable technology options are the way of the future and they are offering many different alternatives to traditional payment methods. No matter the reason why someone is interested in contactless payment methods, the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay is a great option.

The Hottest Novel: “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” by Sean Penn

From an actor to an author, many view Sean Penn as being controversial but his word to the public is that it is for the sake of his country. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff never struggled to gain popularity in the market and as a matter of fact, the novel started burning the hearts of many in anticipation of reading it even before it was released into the market. Immediately after its release, it went viral in social media especially on the excerpts mentioning Donald Trump. What is this novel really about? Keep reading.


Sean Penn presents Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff content using a very satirical and kind of loose narrative which is confusing the mind of readers. Basically, the narration is about a middle-aged man, Bob Honey, who is involved in doing a variety of jobs like assisting dictators in setting fireworks, rescuing Hasidic Jews imprisoned in foreign prisons, and the worst killing elderly people using a mallet as his weapon.


Penn has off late become unpredictable in what he is capable of doing next especially after the release of this first novel in his life. The novel had been released earlier in an audio version and it triggered the minds of many. The main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a man who desperately wants to see some change in the country and the campaigns being carried on are not bringing the change he wants. As a result of his anger, he goes around committing violent acts to quench his desperation.


The acts of this man, Bob Honey, are basically catapulted by his own political beliefs and his discontentment with the administration of the Trump government. Sean Penn is well known to be a political activist and lately, he has been expressing his opinions to the current government. In the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Landlord is a representation of Trump. The novel also mentions #MeToo movement which is infantilizing instead of empowering. Therefore his novel focuses on “We” rather than “I” who Trump want to bring.

Talos Energy and Stone Energy Synergize to Raise the Bar

Talos Energy LLC is a highly successful Houston-based oil and gas company that specializes in offshore exploration and production. One of their competencies is acquisition of assets in and around both Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast environs. They focus more on exploration, exploitation, and asset optimization.

The management and technical teams of Talos Energy LLC are filled with people who have spent a substantial number of years working in the Gulf of Mexico and some parts of gulf coast. One thing that sets Talos Energy apart from others is the experience of their employees and the use of highly sophisticated drilling and explorations equipment that only very few oil companies can afford. This is probably the secret of their rapid growth within the last 70 years.

Talos Energy is set to acquire another oil and gas company based in Lafayette in Louisiana – Stone Energy. The merger will become Talos Energy Inc. The acquisition comes at about $1.9 billion. It has also been revealed that the merger company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TALO”. The merger should be concluded at the early part of second quarter next year if not concluded in the first year.

The merger has been described as a step in the right direction because it further reinforces their collective brand. Since Stone Energy is also doing well, the acquisition is more of a synergy.

Both management and technical teams of both companies will work together to move Talos Energy Inc. forward. Pulling their resources together will give the merger increased horsepower to handle more projects. In a nutshell, the merger is for higher productivity.

If the deal sails through, Talos’ shareholders will own 63 percent of the merger with the owners of Stone Energy owning the rest. According to the press release, the new merger will be repositioned for more solid financial flexibility which will in turn, pave way for faster growth.

The release also stated that the merger will have a credit facility of up to $1 billion. As expected, Timothy Duncan, the current CEO of Talos Energy will remain at the helm of affairs of the merger and 60 percent of the 10-member board of the new company will be from Talos Energy while the remaining 4 members will be from Stone Energy.

While the Headquarter of the merger will remain in Houston, Stone Energy’s office in Lafayette will be one of its offices too. The oil and gas industry anxiously awaits the billion-dollar merger.

Are You Yet to Enhance With Enhanced Athlete?

Over the years, Enhanced Athlete has been on the forefront of making an incredible transformation in the sports and health industries. With the nutritional products that the company produces, it is only left for the athlete and any player to align with the mission of the company and get more enhanced results. It is worth noting that the market is flooded with counterfeit nutritional products which actually have the same labels and even branding and it becomes even harder for the consumer to differentiate between the original and the fake.

Some come with much-hyped promises yet the results that rug behind is disheartening, nevertheless, that bad situation is on the verge of coming to an end after the emergence of companies that deal with genuine products. The foundation of these companies is integrity and transparency. One of such company ruling and taking the day is Enhanced Athlete whose aim is to ensure that all nutritional products meet the standards and have the capability of delivering the required and expected results.

Enhanced Athlete has a clear understanding of what wrong nutritional products are capable of doing in the career of their customers. Being a non-profit company, it is committed to delivering the most appropriate products to athletes that’s why they pay attention to the details of every nutritional product they release into the market. Well, you may say that’s the chorus in the market for the companies involved in these products but there are those ones which mean their word because of their integrity like Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete and its EA sister companies have a focus on striving to deliver quality and well enhanced nutritional products to their customers. There is no product that they release in the market without conducting a thorough research and the ingredients thereof must be approved and supported by clinical research. With their interest in keeping an athlete body fit and healthy for their career, the EAs invest their capital, time, knowledge and energy in coming up with nutritional products that are affordable to the customers. The results of their nutritional products have been celebrated by the non-partisan and non-critics because of how it helped in boosting strength, especially in athletes.

To ensure there is perfect participation in the various games especially in athletics, Enhanced Athlete Company offers very reliable enhanced coaching and also provides their customers with high quality and enhanced gears. The effectiveness of their products is a perfect match to the cost of their products. The Company operates on a principle, that if the product is not clinically certified, they shouldn’t sell it.

Eric Lefkofsky Attack on Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He accompanied his wife on her doctor visits. However, he discovered her treatments were great, but the oncologist didn’t use technology. For instance, his wife had a test done and her oncologist didn’t have the centralized database to see the results. Instead, he requested the results which took up to 3 weeks to come in. Here he is Eric Lefkofsky with at least 20 years’ experience in technology. Needless to say, this led him to create Tempus Labs company. The purpose of the company is to gather personal data about the cancer patient and store it in one place. He hopes to equip the oncologist with the best technology to aid diagnosing and treating patients.

Lefkofsky’s whole idea of centralized data is innovative. The oncology field as a whole is not tech savvy. Tempus Labs not only gather information about the cancer patients, but it includes clinical data. The data include outcomes to specific treatment such as DNA and RNA. DNA sequencing is also used for personized medicine. This is great to have in one location, so the doctor can devote more time to the patient. The vast data in one location will provide the oncologist the tool to better diagnose the patient. The doctor will see what type of treatment worked efficiently for which types of cancer.

Although Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur he’s an avid philanthropist first. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is active in supporting advanced education, arts, culture, human rights, and medicine. He is also a pledge giver to the community. He sits on the Board of Trustees of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The Tempus O plans to extract pertinent information from disorganized data about cancer patients. In hopes of making the data clearer and easy for physicians to use.

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Kamil Idris and the growth of technology and globalism

In the article “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization” by Heidi Harris, the author talks about the growing impact of technology on globalism. She acknowledges that the tech boom has allowed for innovation, but it has also created new challenges about the ownership of ideas. This has put a new emphasis on the protection of intellectual property, which is important. However, this has also allowed countries with greater power and wealth to run the markets, while poorer countries do not have the resources to do so.

Kamil Idris, who is the former director of the WIPO in Geneva, has spent time working on intellectual laws, and protecting property rights. He feels that globalism has driven exports, and technology has only made this growth more dramatic. In this era, the rise of piracy and intellectual theft will grow. Along with this growth in exports, the creation and sales of patents has grown, and this has caused growing disparity between wealthy countries that buy up all the patents, and others that cannot afford to do so (mainly in Africa). Currently the WTO has acknlowedged the grey areas that the tech boom has created, and is working to create new regulations and reforms that look to tailor intellectual property protections.

Idris has worked to bring attention to these growing ideas through the World Intellectual Property Day, which is on the 26th of April. Along with this, the WIPO Copyright Treaty is also important but needs reform. This old agreement, was signed during the Berne Convention in 1887, and looks to protect intellectual ideas amongst the fields of art, literature, and science. This agreement holds its signing members accountable, but likely needs to get into the sphere of digital protections. Another agreement, which is considered the most comprehensive to date, is the Agreement of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property. This agreement has recognized the need for regulations on patents and intellectual property, and demonstrates that proper reforms are occurring. Reforms are needed, as technology is reshaping our ideas of free markets.

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