First-time author Sean Penn releases the highly contentious novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Oscar-winning actor, Sean Penn, in his first foray as an author debuts a novel entitled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Before becoming a novel in 2018 this story began in much shorter form as a cryptic audiobook that Sean Penn narrates released under his alias Pappy Pariah in 2016. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff serves as social commentary on what many perceive to be a very a bizarre political climate in the United States today following the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Sean Penn recently did an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in regards to his new novel insinuating that he is fully aware of the controversial topics that he decided to discuss in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and the reception that this delicate subject manner can potentially garner. The actor candidly stated that some people are going to understand his book and some people are not going to understand his book.

The overall narrative of Bob Honey Just Do Stuff is structured with an exceptionally satirical tone with a fictional lead that bears physical traits that overtly coincide with those that of the real-life actor Sean Penn. The main character of the novel Bob Honey is described as a Californian in his late fifties just like Sean Penn but is an entrepreneurial recluse and part-time contract killer of elderly citizens. No actual names are mentioned to associate with their real-life counterparts just like in most satire but it would hardly be difficult in reality to find an individual in a high political position of power that could be depicted as a violently immature seventy-year-old boy-man with money and french vanilla cotton candy hair. Not only does Bob Honey Just Do Stuff take a jab at politics the novel also makes reference to a mass-shooting, the #MeToo movement and a bevy of other relevant social issues. Sean Penn pulled no punches when he delivered his tongue in cheek assessment of the state America is in through this novel.