Psi Pay: Contactless Payment is the Way of the Future

In recent years the popularity and variety of contactless payments have expanded and become even more secure. One of the more stylish options is the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay in conjunction with Kerv Wearables. Psi Pay is an online banking company with a wide variety of credit card and prepaid debit card services. The company Psi Pay became incorporated in 2007 but the Kerv Ring is the first contactless payment method that comes in the form of the ring.


The times are changing when it comes to how we pay for our services and goods. People are tired of complicated debit cards that need signatures and pins. Not only do they just take too much time, they have some serious security issues. In just the last 2 years, a survey showed that almost half of the participants carry less money with them than they used to.


There are many reasons why customers have been moving away from cash and traditional plastic cards. These range from convenience, security, and even style. While many of the alternative payment methods are either bulky or easy to lose, the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay is stylish. The rings come in Kerv Ring from Psi Pay comes in many different color options that include black or white glossy finishes on the outside. In fact, 32% of millennials think that in the future we won’t even need to carry wallets at all.


The traditional banking systems have been failing their customers. Some of these incidents have left their customers without any access to their money at all! In other cases, customers were just unable to access their accounts at all. These banks just weren’t built to handle the problems that come with modern payment processing options.


Wearable technology options are the way of the future and they are offering many different alternatives to traditional payment methods. No matter the reason why someone is interested in contactless payment methods, the Kerv Ring from Psi Pay is a great option.