The Gradual Growth of OSI Industries

The success of a company highly depends on many factors. As for OSI Industries, the company is currently among the largest food providers globally. With a workforce of 20,000 employees at the 65 facilities distributed across the 17 countries where the company has ventured, the organization has been able to grow remarkably.

Background Check

The history of OSI Industries dates back to the era of American immigrants from foreign states. During the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky was among the German immigrants who settled in Chicago, Illinois. Since the presence of immigrants made the city quite industrious, Otto Kolschowsky decided to launch a shop that dealt with meat products. Although the meat business began as a retail enterprise, Otto Kolschowsky’s grew into a wholesale business with time. With time, the business became family-based, thereby being renamed to Otto & Sons as from 1928. Under the name Otto & Sons, the business was able to thrive more and more.

The Partnership between Family Businesses

The first McDonald’s restaurant was first launched in 1955 by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before the restaurant was launched, Ray Kroc first entered into an agreement with Arthur and Harry- the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. The agreement involved Otto & Sons becoming the suppliers of meat products to the newly opened restaurant.

Ray Kroc later bought the McDonald’s enterprise after which he became the chief executive officer of the modern day McDonald’s enterprise. With time, Otto & Sons were primarily tasked with supplying freshly grounded beef to the McDonald’s enterprise round the clock. As a result, Otto & Sons was soon to gain more recognition.

The Advent of Ground-breaking Technology

The McDonald’s enterprise was growing day in day out. As a result, Otto & Sons were tasked with the responsibility of transporting fresh meat products over long distances while still maintaining the mark of quality. Luckily, during the 1960’s, the concept of flash freezing came into play. The food would be frozen quickly using liquid nitrogen. As a result of the breakthrough, the ties between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons became stronger.

The breakthrough regarding food preservation came in handy since Otto & Sons were able to cut costs, thereby experiencing higher profits. Since then, Otto & Sons continued to expand. As of 1977, Otto & Sons decided to venture into West Jordan, Utah. Other facilities were also established since then. As McDonald’s expanded on a global scale, OSI Industries also followed suit.


The future might not be predictable, but optimism is quite essential if you are bound to succeed. Since McDonald’s was Otto & Sons largest client, the more the restaurant expanded, the more the enterprise had to formulate new ways to preserve food so that it may be transported for long distances. With the advent of the use of liquid nitrogen to preserve fresh beef in a grounded state, Otto & Sons were able to establish a more formidable working relationship with the McDonald’s enterprise.

Later on, Otto & Sons was able to grow on a global scale, and they changed the enterprise’s name into OSI. Currently, the OSI Industries is a revered food supplier globally. The enterprise has been able to maintain a positive track record, and they have been growing on a daily basis, thanks to excellent customer service.

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