Month: June 2018

Perks of being at The Academy of Arts University

The Academy of Arts University was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, then creative director of Sunset Magazine and is now the largest privately owned art and design school in the U.S. It has open admissions and an admission acceptance rate of 100%. The university not only provides basic education but also practical experience by organizing a Fashion Show where its graduating students showcase their creations to professionals from the design industry and also experience the runway. Moreover, it also participates in New York Fashion week.

The school is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The degrees it offers are accrefited by their respective boards. It offers Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in about 25 subjects and also offers online courses. Students from diverse backgrounds in terms of their professions, ethnicity, cultures, nationalities are welcomed by the University thus enhancing creativity and boosting confidence.

Students are given the oppotunity to participate in various athletic, fitness and recreation and other extra curricular activities. There are various clubs and organizations at the campus too.

The University’s faculty of current industry professionals, state of art facilities and updated technology all blend in together to polish the aspiring students and produce professional artists and designers. Graduates from the University have been hired by companies like Apple, EA, Nike, Pixar and many more. Amongst the alumini are some well known names:

– Ascensio – a figurative painter

– Rich Baker winner of an Academy Award for Best Make up and Hairstyling

– Kara Laricks – a Fashion Designer

– Bilal Lashari – a Pakistani Fashion Designer

and many more.

A 2016 alumnus Brandon Kee imptessed judges in the 16th season of ‘Project Runway’ a popular television series that he competed in. Simon Ungleo, Academy of Arts School of Fashion executive director, said about Brandon “He has a highly developed skill set and that came through in his quiet confidence [of] getting the job done.

With the commitment of the current head and hardwork of students the Academy of Arts University is all set to make a mark in the Art and Design world.

How to Feel More Confident About Your Financial Future

When planning for financial freedom, you know how important it is to push yourself. You have to know how to motivate yourself everyday and how to push yourself when the going gets tough. In addition, you have to reward yourself from time to time. If you deny yourself pleasures at all times, your resolve may very well break eventually. That is why it is important to give yourself little treats from time to time when you have been sticking to the plan that you are using in order to reach financial fitness.


When it comes to motivating and pushing yourself, it can be really tough. After all, if nobody is looking after you in order to keep you on top of your goals, you may very well slip. That is just one of the reasons why you need a personal long term financial coach such as the ones that you will get with Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group will assign you a coach who will review your situation and see what has to be done in order to pull you out of debt and get you on the track of full financial freedom. Not only that, but they will help you along the entire way. They will stand by your side through the tough times. They will also help you stay motivated and celebrate each milestone that you reach.


Infinity Group will put you on a proven plan towards financial success, one that is customized and tailored to your specific situation. After all, no two situations are the same, and a general plan will not get the job done. You need to have a plan that is personalized to your own specific needs and life.


Remember, however, to always set goals that are reasonable. If you set the bar too high, you will never reach them and you will give up. Break down your goals into smaller goals and reward yourself after each milestone. Infinity will help you out with planning goals and milestones that are perfect for your situation. You will feel a lot more confident about your financial future if you have a coach. Learn more:

GoBuySide On Main Factors that Drives Compensation

Professionals who work in the venture capital and private equity industry have been enjoying a steady average of six to eight percent salary and bonus payment increase yearly. GoBuySide, a firm that helps hedge funds, equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and venture capital firms recruit professionals in their industry, believes that demand for workers in this industry is what drives compensation. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Professionals in the venture capital and private equity industry who work for larger firms who demand more workers in this industry earn more than other professionals who work for small firms that have less demand for workers in these professions. However, even though the demands differ depending on the size of the firm, a study showed that professionals in the venture capital and private equity industry have reported a total of sixty-five percent increase in their salary which is shown through the bonus payment they receive yearly. Over 315,000 dollars have been paid out to these professionals yearly. Furthermore, even though size can be a major factor in a firms compensation size, there is another factor that drives compensation, and that is the size of a firms assets, and how much they are valued at. For example, over seven thousand private equity firms are looking to employ over two hundred thousand professionals who are seniors and juniors due to having investing resources that surpass hundreds of billions of dollars.


These are the factors that GoBuySide believes to be the main source for the number of compensation professionals in the private equity, and venture capital industry receive. This is further shown when GoBuySide analyze that companies in which compensation went down by one to nine percent all lack one of these sources, such as one of these equity firms had less than one billion dollars in assets. These factors that drive compensation ha e led many professionals in the private equity and venture capital industry unhappy and looking to join big firms because they feel their compensation is not high enough. GoBuySide also uses these factors when hiring talents for equity firms to provide satisfaction for both firm and professionals. Read more about GoBuyside at

The Three Success Pillars From Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair met himself being driven into education. In his family, he was not the only one because his grandmother, wife, and mother were all teachers. This made Richard Blair realize that teaching helps one to grow with confidence and gain knowledge. He found his calling of helping people to make better plans for their finance and investments. After he graduated from his college education, he found himself in a financial industry. He was able to establish his own firm that he started in 1994 and called it “Wealth Solutions.” It has been providing his clients with necessary professional advises that is personalized in a way.

In his company, Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair has a belief that each and every person will be in need of a plan that will help them to attain their financial dreams. He has been working at Austin, Texas where he has been providing wealth management and retirement plans. He has been seeking to help his members in the community with a roadmap that is a financial guidance in the many milestones in life.

So that Richard Dwayne Blair could be able to develop a financial plan that is comprehensive in nature, he follows three pillars. It is something that has been helping his to look and understand the current client’s financial situation and the retirement needs so that he could provide a plan that is more holistic.

The first pillar – it is the pillar that will lay out the finance roadmap for the specific client. He will be able to determine the route after realizing the goals of the client, risk tolerance, opportunities and strengths for growth. It will make Richard be able to build a strong relationship that is long lasting with a client.

The second pillar- it is a pillar that has the designation of developing a long-term investment strategy which is custom tailored towards that specific goal of a client and the liquidity required. He actively reallocates and manages the assets so that to capture a maximum performance in the market movement. He also helps to minimize the negative impact on markets periods.

The third pillar- after he has been able to understand and establish the goals of a client, he calls the client to review this final pillar. He communicates with the client the strategies that he has enacted that provide growth and adequate liquidity.

Tony Petrello’s Daughter Inspires Him to Help Fund Nerological Hospital

Tony Petrello has served as the CEO for Nabors Industries since 1991. Petrello is assisting the launch of the Neurological Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. So far, Tony and his wife, Cynthia, have contributed $5 million dollars to finance the new structure. The couple is planning to donate $2 million to fund the new Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Reserarch Institute.

The Duncan Institute is the first neurological institute of its kind in the entire world. All the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the doctors are the finest neurological doctors around to combat the threatening neurological disorders troubling our children. Neurological studies are close to Tony Petrello. The facility opened in 2010 and specializes in all types of neurological disorders that include cerebral palsy, Tourette Syndrome, and others. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation.

The Petrellos have been committed to Texas Children’s Hospital for years and serve on the chairman board. The couple raised $500 million at a recent fundraiser. Cynthia and Tony Petrello have a daughter, Carena, who suffers from periventricular leukomalacio that developed into cerebral palsy. Born 24 weeks premature and weighing only 20 ounces, Carena suffered from an insufficient flow of blood to her brain. Being used to knowing how to fix things, the couple was stumped and helpless. Maybe they’ll finally be able to help other parents whose children suffer from similar neurological disorders. There are a few places out there that can help adulthood neurological disorders but not any facilities to help children.

Cynthia and Tony Petrello know what it’s like to not know the symptoms and warning signs for neurological diseases. Carena had to work harder to learn the basic functions that are done easily for other children. She has finally learned how to chew solid food. It is this personal experience for raising a neurologically disabled child that has made Petrello get the connection with many doctors and researchers who specialize in childhood neurological disorders. These doctors have immediate meetings that can take place on the same day, not weeks or months later. New genes are discovered every day. No parent will be told that their child has a neurological disorder and the doctors don’t know what it is. In addition to quickly discovering the child’s neurological disorder diagnosis, the doctors are very hopeful the child will have a meaningful life. In addition to studying lab rats, there are many chemistry and computerized tests to learn how the brain works.

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The Real Real Adds Another Source of Beauty.

The Real Real, one of the internet’s most popular consignment stores, featuring designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories has begun sneaking something new into its product line-up. Beginning with the 2017 holiday shopping season, the Real Real has been adding sustainable and coveted skin-care and beauty products to its inventory. The addition of the new line, coupled with the Real Real’s stellar reputation, will propel The Real Real in front of other stores and will increase its already substantial market share in the designer goods world.

While consignment is the business model for its the clothing and accessories, The Real Real beauty and skin care products are new, not recycled. Instead, The Real Real has scoured designer beauty lines for environmentally responsible products of exceptional quality and that live up to the Real Real expectations and standards. The Real Real beauty products are sourced directly from the manufactures, not third-party suppliers, which assures buyers of the freshness of the product. In addition to the quality of the products, by only accepting sustainable products, the Real Real keeps its commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible consumerism. While the beauty products began to roll out during the holidays, more opulent beauty products are being added continually to The Real Real product line-up and can be found through The Real Real online store, in the Soho brick and mortar store, and in the Real Real pop up store currently in Las Vegas.

With these additional products the Real Real one step closer to becoming the “one-stop shop” for most desired and affordable high-end items, from skin care to shoes. Perhaps soon, as CEO Julie Wainwright has hinted, The Real Real will also begin to sell premium housewares and top of the line linens. When that happens, there will truly be no reason to shop anywhere other than The Real Real.

Nick Vertucci Succeeds Against All Odds and Encourages Others

One of the most common things that a person with goals is going to face is adversity. The crazy thing is that this comes in many different forms. One of the common forms of adversity is the lack of resources. Another unfortunate and surprisingly common form of adversity for someone who has goals is another person who has his own set of goals for this person. This often leads to boundaries being overstepped and a fight for the person’s freedom to pursue his goals. Fortunately, there is someone who is a success that understands what it is like. This person is Nick Vertucci.

Nick has a lot of experience when it comes to failure. One of the best aspects about the career of Nick Vertucci is that it shows resilience. Another thing it shows is that it is possible to regain everything in the case that all is lost. He has a lot of words of encouragement for people who have to deal with a lot of adversity along the way. One thing that Nick said is that one is not going to strike it rich by playing it safe. This is one thing that people can keep in mind when they deal with this person that is trying to force the person with goals to “play it safe”.

One thing Nick Vertucci has done is outline a sensible plan. While he does believe that playing it safe is not the way to success, he also believes that the best thing to do is have an organized plan based on strengths so that goals can be reached. Nick Vertucci has outlined his life, lessons and plans in detail with his book which is titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. One thing that Nick Vertucci shows is that it takes courage in order to succeed.

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