What You May Not Know About Depression; Neurocore Centers Explain

What You May Not Know About Depression; Neurocore Centers Explain

You can always achieve greater results as long as your brain is stronger. That’s why Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has been on the forefront of ensuring that your brain remains stronger through their programs. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

These programs enable them to deal with various symptoms of migraines, anxiety, depression, memory, autism, ADHD, stress, headaches, traumatic brain injury, sleep disorders, and many others.

One of the most popular conditions affecting over 16 million adults in the U.S. every year is depression. It usually affects women though it can affect anyone where many look for treatment while many ignore the condition. Maybe it is because of the stigmatization related to this serious medical mental condition. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore Centers has dedicated to educating about mental conditions and has given you some facts about depression:

1.There is no specific cause of depression and also it is a genetic disorder – you can increase your chances of getting depression if you’re living a stressful life.

  1. Depression can range from being a major to a seasonal condition – this means there various types of depression.

Major Depressive Disorder – is usually accompanied by low self-esteem and persistent sadness which can go for two weeks.

Persistent Depressive Disorder – it is an everlasting depression which can go on for over two years

Postpartum Depression – this happens to women after delivering

Seasonal Affective Disorder – it occurs when it’s cold or when the sunlight is little

  1. Depression signs are not always identifiable but the common ones include consistent sadness, numbness, weight loss/gain, irritability, sleepy or sleeplessness or emptiness.
  2. General tension, stomach problems, and shortness of the breath are some of the physical signs d depression
  3. Depression is a major cause of suicidal thoughts which claims the lives of many especially young people
  4. Depression is among the top three causes of disability of people aged between 15- 44
  5. Depression needs more funding to save the lives of young people
  6. Depression is treatable; no matter the severity of depression, it can be treated

Initial assessment, customized program, and final assessment are the 3 stages Neurocore takes you through. Initial assessment involves comprehensive assessment that enables them to get the true picture of how your brain is functioning. After getting the brain map, they design a personalized program for you. After you’re through with the program, they take you through another full assessment to ensure you’re recovering.

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