OSI Group Continues To Experience Global Expansion

OSI Group has long since been a global player in the food market, but they are also a major player with it comes to social responsibility and corporate responsibilities. OSI Group has continually given back to the community and strived to make improvements for people all over the world, not just their clients. This doesn’t offer much in return for the OSI Group, except for some additional support from clients. Throughout the decades, OSI has built extensive collaborations and a substantial network of companies as well as universities. This has allowed the OSI Group to offer internships for students at universities throughout the country. Much of this was also made possible by the president of the company, David McDonald.

David McDonald has always had a passion for working in agriculture, even while he was growing up in Iowa. At one time, David joined the University of Iowa to study animal sciences and expand his knowledge of various different agricultural markets. As an honor student that earned himself awards for his accomplishments, David joined up with OSI Group shortly after graduating as an employee with junior status at the company.David McDonald has dedicated his efforts to leading OSI into new territories and expanding on their food processing for increased sustainability and profits.

Bringing the company in the right direction, David has been responsible for the global expansion of the company.In 2016, OSI acquired a new company to add to their food production known as Baho Food. This German-based company was focused on plant-based products located in both the Netherlands and Germany. Not only this, but Baho Food is responsible for several subsidiaries of his own, including Q Smart Life. With decades of experience and involvement in the industry selling all sorts of foods and snacks in various countries, Baho is a strong addition to OSI Group’s own portfolio.