How OSI Group Wants To Expand Its Empire

OSI Group has been operating for more than a century, but the food processing company is still growing. There are branches of OSI Group in Europe catering to the needs of fast food chains on that continent. Although the company is expanding, sustaining that expansion will require more acquisitions. The company is purchasing deli meat processors to keep up with the demand in Europe. This company started out in America, but success on an international scale requires a different strategy. Restaurants want meat from a familiar source, and that’s exactly what they’ll get from OSI. The recent purchases of deli meat processors in northern Europe is a key component of their expansion.

Transporting frozen meat across borders is difficult, but local meat processors can pick up the slack. Another benefit of using these European meat processors is their sustainability. Europe is much further ahead than America is in this direction. They understand the need for a business model designed with the environment in mind. OSI Group has made sustainability one of its key goals moving forward. Experiments in Europe will let the company test its ideas, and we’ll know what works well. The overseas markets have their own fast food chains, but most of the new clients OSI brings in are multinational franchises. Their menus require many of the same supplies as American restaurants, and they prefer to work with American companies.

OSI Group will grow as long as these multinational chains grow. Currently, this symbiosis is driving growth through diversification. Besides meat, the food processor also offers vegetables and frozen dough. By offering a complete package, OSI is driving fast food consumption worldwide. This company is the largest food processor in the world. It provides more protein than anyone else in the market, but that isn’t the end. OSI Group wants to show other food processors the importance of sustainability. They’re creating a business model designed with everyone’s interest in mind. Fast food isn’t going to go away, but it is going to change.