Month: October 2018

“Closer” By the Chainsmokers Has Gone Silver in Latest Accolade for Popular Band

EDM duet Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have gone silver. The dynamic duo making up hot EDM group the Chainsmokers recently announced the silver certification of hot single “Closer”. The song which debuted back in 2016 was a collaborative effort between the Chainsmokers and up-and-comer Halsey. Taggart co-wrote as well as provided vocals for the song. “Closer” was another instance of the Chainsmokers going off typical EDM script, as one half of the duo provided vocal tracks. Traditionally EDM artists do not provide vocals leaving that aspect up to other artists like Halsey. Although Halsey was a big feature, as well as smash hit, of the song it still broke some EDM ground. Popular the moment it went public “Closer” not only increased the Chainsmokers’ standing but made a star out of Halsey. Now two years later the single has sold tens of millions of copies granting it silver status.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed the Chainsmokers back in 2012. By 2014 they had achieved their first breakthrough with hit single “#Selfie”. They have always been an outside of the box type of group, working hard to come further and further out form behind the booth. In addition to providing their own lead vocals and participating in the songwriting, the Chainsmokers also personalize their music to reflect how they feel. By 2016 they had a strong repertoire of singles and EPs. They released their first and only album in 2016 as well titled, “Memories… Do Not Open”. This year they have been quite active with at least five singles being released. Many speculate they are teasing a second album.

Silver certification is granted to high selling musical works. In the case of “Closer” it has sold over ten million copies. The distinction is but one accolade the song has garnered since its release. It granted Pall and Taggart their first Grammy nod, and also secured the fourth longest running No.1 single for Billboard. “Closer” was one of many songs that came during the artists assent to mainstream. It is also indicative of their change in style, and departure into their own unique sound.

OSI Group And McDonalds Relationship Has carried On For Generations

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship is symbiotic, which means that both entities benefit from the partnership. In the mid 1950’s Otto and Son’s, a food supplier and butcher which would become OSI, had around 30 years of moderate, though steady, success. It was at this time that they would find a partnership that would springboard them to massive success.

In the mid 1950’s a man named Ray Kroc opened up a restaurant that would forever change the food industry and the country. Kroc took a successful business and opened another one in different location. This created the first corporate franchise. These restaurants, called McDonalds, became very successful and are now a billion dollar company that has a global reach. This good fortune would soon change OSI for the better.

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OSI group signed on to be the new restaurant’s exclusive supplier of ground beef in the mid 1950’s. This OSI Group McDonalds relationship has lasted six decades and counting. OSI is still the most used supplier for all McDonalds restaurants. This has enabled OSI Group to spread throughout the world. They employ over 22,000 employees in countries throughout the world.

OSI’s success has allowed them to expand the scope of what they do and the space in which they work. In 1995 they expanded into India with Vista Processed Foods, and in 2002 OSI China was established. In 2016 OSI Group acquired an old Tyson Chicken plant and saved hundreds of jobs in the small town. These are just a few examples of the success that the OSI Group McDonalds partnership brought to both companies.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership truly benefits both sides. McDonalds has a food supply industry leader to, dependably, supply them with quality food products. OSI owes a lot of its success to its partnership with McDonalds.

Matt Badiali’s Growing His Newsletter Fan Base With Solid Investments In Natural Resources

At 8am, Matt Badiali arrives at his office in Delray Beach, Florida. Writing about natural resources in his career and passion in life. Several years ago, Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing and created a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. It goes details information about Matt’s stock picks and investment information through his real life experiences and adventures around the world. Matt Badiali has traveled from everywhere from Hong Kong, to Turkey, to Peru, and so many more countries. This diverse outlook on life gave Matt just the material he needed to write from his soul.

Matt Badiali took his education very seriously. He wanted to study science, particularly earth sciences and geology. Armed with a degree from Florida Atlantic University and Pennsylvania State University, Matt started working in the field as an environmental geologist. He recalls it as his least favorite job. It was dirty, dangerous, and not what he chalked it up to be. Matt decided to change his circumstances and decided to go to graduate school. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Badiali earned his Ph.D, except for the dissertation. That is when the budding scientist was approached by his friend who also had a Ph.D. The friend convinced him to join the financial writer world, but use his science background to provide a unique approach to the investment world.

Real Wealth Strategist was born and has become really successful. The stocks that Matt recommend regularly make double to triple digit gains. He is constantly growing his audience and provides great value to them. Mr. Badiali recently created a free news e-letter for subscribers. He publishes an article each week for it. This has created a loyal fan base for the financial writer. Moving on, Matt Badiali looks forward to continually growing his newsletter and finding new and exciting natural resources to recommend his audience to invest in. This includes energy sources, oil, precious metal, and so much more. When it comes to new trends popping up, the change of energy consumption has Matt most excited. It has endless possibilities and he is enthusiastic in how it will change the world for the better.

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Incorporation of Technology has Proved to be Vital in Operations of Fortress Investment Group

Not many companies around the world have been able to harness the power and the benefits that come with investment in technology. There is a perceived notion that performing different organizational activities through advanced methods is expensive to undertake and to sustain in long term. However, there is one financial organization that has excelled through incorporation of technology in its activity for a longer period. Fortress Investment Group has never looked the same since adopted advanced methods to handle most of its activities.

The founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone, was working in other wealth management company before founding his own organization that was operating in the same area. However, he witnessed a lot of inefficiencies and poor flow of operations and activities within the company since there was no technology. After starting his own company, Nardone incorporated technology in all organizational departments with the aim of making the company one of its kind in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group acquired a significant number of benefits that other companies were not getting at this time. One of the main benefits that this organization got was cutting down on its expenses. It is evident that a significant number of financial entities have a large number of employees who handle multiple activities. A single task that is undertaken by a large number of workers could now be easily handled by a single computer.

Besides saving huge amount of money after eliminating some employees, Fortress Group become more efficient in its operations. Some of the repetitive tasks such as preparing employees payroll or recording the transactions of a single day was made easier by use of a machine. The company could also generate daily, weekly, or even monthly reports something that could have been a difficult activity to perform prior to incorporation of technology.

Lastly, Fortress Investment Group brought technology and other advanced methods that could help it to understand the financial market in a better way so that it could serve customers better. The company used customized computer models that helped it to conduct financial forecasting. These methods would later benefit the company by enabling it to avoid losses while at the same time investing in profitable ventures.

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Jacob Gottlieb Altium: A New Direction

Jacob Gottlieb Altium started an illustrious career in finance after having made the decision to leave the medical field. A college honors graduate, Altium has always had an aptitude for success. An innate ability to do that which is necessary to succeed propelled him to to the top of the financial industry early on.

Altium heralded the making of a successful finance firm. Due to employee wrongdoing that lost investors, Altium decided to pursue his first interest, the medical field.

Altium has an eye for stocks and showed signs of financial entrepreneurship early in life. With the prospects of opening a new company at hand, Altium went into investments in the medical field. This combined Altium’s love of medicine with his capability in for finance.

The new offices for the new company, Altium Capital are strategically placed. Since pharmaceutical investments is the main focus, the offices for Altium Capital are located them in New York City.

With Visium Asset Management, Altium’s first company gone, the new road to success looms ahead.

The pharmaceutical companies Ormed Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sellas Life Sciences, Altium’s first two business endeavors, are the stocks Altium chose to invest in first. Building from there, there is potential for the company’s growth to become more and more astounding as time progresses.

Altium’s history of having built one successful company shows a good indication that Altium Capital will be a success, also. The innovation, ingenuity and know-how,the skills that are necessary to succeed, have always been a part of Altium’s background. For the stellar innovator and entrepreneurial giant, who is embarking on the next new era

of challenge and achievement, these have to be exciting and exhilarating times.

For hunters, the fun is in the hunting as well as it is in the final capture of their choice of what they will go after during hunting season. Business being a year round endeavor, though, means the fun must go on at all times.

Jason Hope Is Focused On The Internet Of Things And You Should Be Too.

If you grew up in the ’90s or ’00s then you no doubt were raised amidst one of the most riveting technological innovations of our time. With the internet taking center stage and tech developments popping up every single week, there has never been a more inviting or exciting time to be alive. Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur from the state of Arizona. He has spent his entire career working on finding technological breakthroughs before they hit the mainstream. Right now, his undivided attention is focused on an exciting new brand of technology known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a thrilling way to look at the world and, if Hope is to believed, it could hold the key to our future. Let’s learn a little bit about Jason Hope and his thoughts on the Internet of Things. Read this article by Jason Hope at Daily Forex Report

So, the first question you probably want to be answered has to do with what exactly the Internet of Things actually is. Thankfully, the Internet of Things is a relatively simple concept in theory which makes it easy to explain. The Internet of Things is the term that is being used to describe all of the technology that is being developed alongside the internet. From smart cars and smart refrigerators to optimized public transit systems and emergency response services, the Internet of Things is going to be an industry that touches all other industries. That is the general gist of the Internet of Things but Jason Hope believes that there is more to it.

Specifically, Jason Hope believes that one day we will see the Internet of Things become the most important industry on the planet. The very way that we live our lives will change thanks to the convenience and optimization that the Internet of Things provides to us. We are going to see our lives become easier and easier thanks to the tech and that mean that there is plenty of opportunities for astute businesses to start reaping the benefits ahead of schedule. Hope is telling everyone who will listen to start investing in the Internet of Things now before it becomes the Bitcoin of tomorrow, something you look back on with regret for missing out.

Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University before earning his MBA from the WP Carey School of Business. He is well known for his work in the mobile communications market and his success as the founder of Jawa.

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The Financial Impact of Paul Mampilly on the Wall Street Companies

The rise of Paul Mampilly has been one of the most astonishing rises that have ever been witnessed in the history of the Wall Street America. This is because of the humble and odd origin from which the gentleman has come, and all the challenges that he faced during his educational journey. However, despite the problems and difficulties that he encountered, Paul Mampilly emerged victoriously. Currently, he is one of the most respected investment manager and advisers in the United States of America. In this country, Mampilly has played a huge role in ensuring that the common man of the American citizenship can multiply their wealth through the advice that he develops and dispenses with the help of the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill is the organization that Paul Mampilly joined as a partner after quitting employment in the Wall Street where he had been excellently managing wealth for the wealthy individuals in the community. He was recognized for his vast knowledge in the management of huge portfolios and resuscitating the distressed assets that had been poorly performing for decades. For instance, the last employment that Mampilly had secured in the industry was at the Kinetics Asset Management. In this company, Mampilly had been recruited with the primary aim of resuscitating their hedge fund that had been poorly performing for some previous decades.

When Paul Mampilly was given the mandate, he worked with a lot of vigor and zeal to ensure that the organization realized its goals. Within a short period, the hedge fund under the management of Paul Mampilly had moved from the negative return value that it had to a positive value of return. Three years later, the value of the hedge fund had moved from $800 million to a whopping $5.6 billion, which was very commendable for the manager. What followed was the naming of the hedge fund as the best-managed hedge fund in that year. The manager, Paul, was also awarded the accolade of being the most dependable hedge fund manager of the year. From all these achievements that Mampilly made in the United States, it’s quite difficult for anyone to suggest that the origin of Paul was India.

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