The Contribution of JD.Com in E-Commerce is one of Chinas leading online retailer and also the leading internet company in terms of revenue. It was founded in Beijing by Richard Liu who is the current CEO. They have set standards for e-commerce through its adherence to quality, authenticity and its ability to offer a wide variety of goods such as fresh food, electronics, and cosmetics. Its unsurpassed ability to cover a wide market of more than 1 billion people creates a level of service and speed that is unbeaten globally. This has brought about customer satisfaction because customers in China acknowledge that JD.Com brand guarantees quality. Jingdongs uncompromising zero-tolerance to counterfeits ensures that the customers receive quality and genuine products. The company applies its business model of direct sales thus enabling it to control the entire supply chain.

This reduces the number of sellers thus ensuring strict quality oversight. This method is backed by a variety of monitoring methods that identifies skeptical product or sellers. Over time, traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores all over the world were facing problems of declining sales and fierce competition. However, the entrance of brought about a sigh of relief for the many traditional bookstores in China. This E-Commerce giant started providing significant solutions for book procurement, logistics, and technology to other bookstores that operate offline. JD.Com partnered with local and global brands by helping them in areas such as Marketing, consumer targeting, logistics, warehousing, and financing.

Jingdong being a technology driven company, it develops reliable and capable platforms that add value to partners and customers in sectors such as internet finance, e-commerce, and smart technology. Using this technology, Jingdong is helping to modernize supply chains and improve the sales for offline stores. For example, Tangning an offline bookstore was able to improve its sales by 30% after it partnered with JD.Com. Tangning company started sourcing and replenishing its entire inventory from Jingdong thus enabling it to save on labor cost and delivery delays. This made its profit margin to increase by 17%. Since Tangning entered into a partnership with JD.Com, it has managed to significantly reduce its turnover to 220 from over one year.