Madison Street Capital: Soaring To New Heights

Madison Street Capital reputation climbs as they become the “exclusive financial advisor” for MonDak Portables LLC (MonDak). Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm. They provide their clients with mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services.




Madison Street Capital




Many wonder who is Madison Street Capital and what they do. As mentioned above, Madison Street Capital provides financial services and specializes in mergers and acquisitions. They provide sound advice and expertise on corporate advisory, business valuation, and financial opinions to just name a few. With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia Madison Street Capital provides their financial services globally. Their repertoire of expertise also includes corporate governance, both domestically and internationally. Founded in 2005, Charles Botchway is the founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital. His Senior Managing Director, Lester Rodgers creates a robust and experienced leadership team.




Soaring To New Heights




In an article dated December 11th, Madison Street Capital reputation soars as the “exclusive financial advisor” for MonDak Portables LLC (MonDak). MonDak is a company that rents and sells portable toilets. They manufacture, deliver, and service portable toilets and trailers. Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital states in the article that working with MonDak delighted them in assisting the company to meet their future goals. It further states that with this transaction, Mondak is “poised for solid growth.” Madison Street Capital saw the company’s vision and supplied MonDak Portables LLC with $3.2 million U.S. Dollars to aid the company in its expansion. The facility, itself, was provided by the commercial lender, North Avenue Capital.




MonDak Portables LLC




The article further describes the company MonDak Portables LLC. In it, it states that MonDak manufactures “different types of toilets and trailers.” Some examples of their product line up include standard portable toilets, hand washing stations, and toilet trailers to just name a few. MonDak is based in North Dakota and was established in 2008 because of the oil industry. Because the oil industry employed many workers, the necessity for restrooms in these oil fields was in high-demand. Today, MonDak also offers rental services for their portable toilets. Some examples where you might see their portable toilets are at private parties, sporting events, and concerts to just name a few.




North Avenue Capital




The article ends with a short snippet about North Avenue Capital. As mentioned above, they provided the facility for MonDak Portables LLC. With headquarters in St. Johns County, North Avenue Capital is one of the largest business and industry (B&I) lenders in the nation.


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