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The Three Success Pillars From Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair met himself being driven into education. In his family, he was not the only one because his grandmother, wife, and mother were all teachers. This made Richard Blair realize that teaching helps one to grow with confidence and gain knowledge. He found his calling of helping people to make better plans for their finance and investments. After he graduated from his college education, he found himself in a financial industry. He was able to establish his own firm that he started in 1994 and called it “Wealth Solutions.” It has been providing his clients with necessary professional advises that is personalized in a way.

In his company, Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair has a belief that each and every person will be in need of a plan that will help them to attain their financial dreams. He has been working at Austin, Texas where he has been providing wealth management and retirement plans. He has been seeking to help his members in the community with a roadmap that is a financial guidance in the many milestones in life.

So that Richard Dwayne Blair could be able to develop a financial plan that is comprehensive in nature, he follows three pillars. It is something that has been helping his to look and understand the current client’s financial situation and the retirement needs so that he could provide a plan that is more holistic.

The first pillar – it is the pillar that will lay out the finance roadmap for the specific client. He will be able to determine the route after realizing the goals of the client, risk tolerance, opportunities and strengths for growth. It will make Richard be able to build a strong relationship that is long lasting with a client.

The second pillar- it is a pillar that has the designation of developing a long-term investment strategy which is custom tailored towards that specific goal of a client and the liquidity required. He actively reallocates and manages the assets so that to capture a maximum performance in the market movement. He also helps to minimize the negative impact on markets periods.

The third pillar- after he has been able to understand and establish the goals of a client, he calls the client to review this final pillar. He communicates with the client the strategies that he has enacted that provide growth and adequate liquidity.