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Alex Pall: Chainsmokers are Giving Face to DJing

In 2016 the Chainsmokers released their first ever single in which one of them was singing. In their earlier songs sung as Roses and Don’t let me down they had made use of songwriters and vocalists in order to add a human element to the performances. This was in an attempt to give their music more soul and have the duo become accepted as having feelings and thoughts instead just faceless beat makers. Chainsmokers desire to reveal themselves to their audiences. The group hopes to give their performances more life by integrating their voices into their performances.

In an interview with Interview Magazine Alex Pall spoke on the duo’s evolution and the changes they are bringing to the industry and their music. He explains that he and Andrew Taggart were introduced by his current manager. He had been DJing for a while as a hobby. He loved dance music and noting that it was taking over his life and he chose to try it out seriously that was when he was introduced to Taggart.

Taggart was in school at the time and was also considering taking DJing seriously as he had always loved electronic music. When they met they immediately started working together until they found their sound. Alex Pall points out that he believed they were going to work out from the beginning in because they took time to communicate.

They soon realized that they were equally driven to achieve their goals and they shared similar values. Their differences were also complementary since Taggart is a great producer while Alex Pall had the contacts to get them gigs, He basically did marketing. On their album, he pointed out that they want to produce music that is about them and they just do not want to leave the music to songwriters. They ensure that they either write the songs themselves or work together with the songwriters.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one part of the DJing duo CHainsmokers. He attended the New York University and has been part of Chainsmokers as from 2012. The group’s 2012 album was called Memories… Not Open.

“Closer” By the Chainsmokers Has Gone Silver in Latest Accolade for Popular Band

EDM duet Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have gone silver. The dynamic duo making up hot EDM group the Chainsmokers recently announced the silver certification of hot single “Closer”. The song which debuted back in 2016 was a collaborative effort between the Chainsmokers and up-and-comer Halsey. Taggart co-wrote as well as provided vocals for the song. “Closer” was another instance of the Chainsmokers going off typical EDM script, as one half of the duo provided vocal tracks. Traditionally EDM artists do not provide vocals leaving that aspect up to other artists like Halsey. Although Halsey was a big feature, as well as smash hit, of the song it still broke some EDM ground. Popular the moment it went public “Closer” not only increased the Chainsmokers’ standing but made a star out of Halsey. Now two years later the single has sold tens of millions of copies granting it silver status.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed the Chainsmokers back in 2012. By 2014 they had achieved their first breakthrough with hit single “#Selfie”. They have always been an outside of the box type of group, working hard to come further and further out form behind the booth. In addition to providing their own lead vocals and participating in the songwriting, the Chainsmokers also personalize their music to reflect how they feel. By 2016 they had a strong repertoire of singles and EPs. They released their first and only album in 2016 as well titled, “Memories… Do Not Open”. This year they have been quite active with at least five singles being released. Many speculate they are teasing a second album.

Silver certification is granted to high selling musical works. In the case of “Closer” it has sold over ten million copies. The distinction is but one accolade the song has garnered since its release. It granted Pall and Taggart their first Grammy nod, and also secured the fourth longest running No.1 single for Billboard. “Closer” was one of many songs that came during the artists assent to mainstream. It is also indicative of their change in style, and departure into their own unique sound.

Perks of being at The Academy of Arts University

The Academy of Arts University was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, then creative director of Sunset Magazine and is now the largest privately owned art and design school in the U.S. It has open admissions and an admission acceptance rate of 100%. The university not only provides basic education but also practical experience by organizing a Fashion Show where its graduating students showcase their creations to professionals from the design industry and also experience the runway. Moreover, it also participates in New York Fashion week.

The school is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The degrees it offers are accrefited by their respective boards. It offers Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in about 25 subjects and also offers online courses. Students from diverse backgrounds in terms of their professions, ethnicity, cultures, nationalities are welcomed by the University thus enhancing creativity and boosting confidence.

Students are given the oppotunity to participate in various athletic, fitness and recreation and other extra curricular activities. There are various clubs and organizations at the campus too.

The University’s faculty of current industry professionals, state of art facilities and updated technology all blend in together to polish the aspiring students and produce professional artists and designers. Graduates from the University have been hired by companies like Apple, EA, Nike, Pixar and many more. Amongst the alumini are some well known names:

– Ascensio – a figurative painter

– Rich Baker winner of an Academy Award for Best Make up and Hairstyling

– Kara Laricks – a Fashion Designer

– Bilal Lashari – a Pakistani Fashion Designer

and many more.

A 2016 alumnus Brandon Kee imptessed judges in the 16th season of ‘Project Runway’ a popular television series that he competed in. Simon Ungleo, Academy of Arts School of Fashion executive director, said about Brandon “He has a highly developed skill set and that came through in his quiet confidence [of] getting the job done.

With the commitment of the current head and hardwork of students the Academy of Arts University is all set to make a mark in the Art and Design world.

Why The Chainsmokers New Music Is About The Negative Side Of Social Media

The Chainsmokers have become a really popular duo over the past few years. Their songs are on rotation on Top 40 radio stations on a regular basis. They’ve had three really successful albums, the last one being certified platinum, and numerous singles. They are well known for songs like, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Something Like This”, “Paris”, “#Selfie”, and “Closer”. They took a nine-month hiatus from releasing singles and then released “Sick Boy” which marks a new chapter in their musical progression.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the two musicians who make up this band. When asked about the darkness of “Sick Boy” they said that the song is a reflection of how everyone is putting on a front of who they really are, especially on social media. They don’t like that they are being defined by article writers who don’t really actually know anything about them as people. “Sick Boy” is a reflection of that and is meant to be different than what they have done before.

Drew Taggart talked about how everyone now has a platform on social media. He said he wonders about the healthiness of this, especially for younger people. They are trying to figure out who they are in life while things like Instagram are spewing out popularity statistics at them which isn’t good. Alex Pall agrees that too many people are constantly checking their social media, liking various pictures, and otherwise doing things that really add zero meaning to their existences. They hope people will listen to their newer songs and reflect on whether all this is good for them or not.

“Sick Boy” was dropped on January 17, 2018. The Chainsmokers released another new single a month later called, “You Owe Me”. When they were performing a live concert in Prague they debuted another song entitled, “Everybody Hates Me”.

The Chainsmokers are known for incorporating a number of live elements into their concerts. Rather than doing standard DJ sets like most musicians in their genre they do something much more difficult but also something far more engaging for audience members, elevating the concert experience into something really great.

On the Ball with Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers might be one of the biggest upcoming musical duos over the last two years. Recently, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine to discuss their leap into the spotlight.

Pall begins the conversation by telling Interview Magazine about how he got into making music, and about his early days as a DJ. He tells Mr. Rosenzweig that one day he realized that he was infatuated with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and that all he wanted to do was spin it and listen to it. His manager caught wind of this and mentioned that he might want to work with Taggart- another EDM fan and fellow DJ.

Taggart cuts in to continue the story, and tells Interview Magazine just how surprised and shocked he was to receive the invitation. It took a single trip to New York City for Drew to quit his job and start brainstorming music with Pall. Their overall goal as artists was to convey a true experience of who they were to their fans. They wanted genuine stories of everything from love to hookups- and that’s exactly how their song ‘Closer’ was born.

Mr. Rosenzweig goes on to ask the pair about that song, focusing on what it was like to record and work with Halsey for the first time. Alex Pall interjects in immediately, and recounts the whole experience. He explains that like he and Taggart, Halsey is an artist who does her best to convey the human experience to her fans no matter what other artists might think.

The duo also goes into detail about their fans and what demographic they know that they are reaching. The young men utilize social media applications, like Instagram and Twitter, to promote and measure the sales of their albums and merchandise. Right now the Chainsmokers are reaching a dynamic group of individuals whose ages range from sixteen to twenty-five, according to Interview Magazine.

Taggart finishes up the interview by telling Mr. Rosenzweig that the only goal they have moving forward is to reach new people with authentic music.