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The Real Real Adds Another Source of Beauty.

The Real Real, one of the internet’s most popular consignment stores, featuring designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories has begun sneaking something new into its product line-up. Beginning with the 2017 holiday shopping season, the Real Real has been adding sustainable and coveted skin-care and beauty products to its inventory. The addition of the new line, coupled with the Real Real’s stellar reputation, will propel The Real Real in front of other stores and will increase its already substantial market share in the designer goods world.

While consignment is the business model for its the clothing and accessories, The Real Real beauty and skin care products are new, not recycled. Instead, The Real Real has scoured designer beauty lines for environmentally responsible products of exceptional quality and that live up to the Real Real expectations and standards. The Real Real beauty products are sourced directly from the manufactures, not third-party suppliers, which assures buyers of the freshness of the product. In addition to the quality of the products, by only accepting sustainable products, the Real Real keeps its commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible consumerism. While the beauty products began to roll out during the holidays, more opulent beauty products are being added continually to The Real Real product line-up and can be found through The Real Real online store, in the Soho brick and mortar store, and in the Real Real pop up store currently in Las Vegas.

With these additional products the Real Real one step closer to becoming the “one-stop shop” for most desired and affordable high-end items, from skin care to shoes. Perhaps soon, as CEO Julie Wainwright has hinted, The Real Real will also begin to sell premium housewares and top of the line linens. When that happens, there will truly be no reason to shop anywhere other than The Real Real.