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OSI Group And McDonalds Relationship Has carried On For Generations

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship is symbiotic, which means that both entities benefit from the partnership. In the mid 1950’s Otto and Son’s, a food supplier and butcher which would become OSI, had around 30 years of moderate, though steady, success. It was at this time that they would find a partnership that would springboard them to massive success.

In the mid 1950’s a man named Ray Kroc opened up a restaurant that would forever change the food industry and the country. Kroc took a successful business and opened another one in different location. This created the first corporate franchise. These restaurants, called McDonalds, became very successful and are now a billion dollar company that has a global reach. This good fortune would soon change OSI for the better.

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OSI group signed on to be the new restaurant’s exclusive supplier of ground beef in the mid 1950’s. This OSI Group McDonalds relationship has lasted six decades and counting. OSI is still the most used supplier for all McDonalds restaurants. This has enabled OSI Group to spread throughout the world. They employ over 22,000 employees in countries throughout the world.

OSI’s success has allowed them to expand the scope of what they do and the space in which they work. In 1995 they expanded into India with Vista Processed Foods, and in 2002 OSI China was established. In 2016 OSI Group acquired an old Tyson Chicken plant and saved hundreds of jobs in the small town. These are just a few examples of the success that the OSI Group McDonalds partnership brought to both companies.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership truly benefits both sides. McDonalds has a food supply industry leader to, dependably, supply them with quality food products. OSI owes a lot of its success to its partnership with McDonalds.

OSI Group Continues To Experience Global Expansion

OSI Group has long since been a global player in the food market, but they are also a major player with it comes to social responsibility and corporate responsibilities. OSI Group has continually given back to the community and strived to make improvements for people all over the world, not just their clients. This doesn’t offer much in return for the OSI Group, except for some additional support from clients. Throughout the decades, OSI has built extensive collaborations and a substantial network of companies as well as universities. This has allowed the OSI Group to offer internships for students at universities throughout the country. Much of this was also made possible by the president of the company, David McDonald.

David McDonald has always had a passion for working in agriculture, even while he was growing up in Iowa. At one time, David joined the University of Iowa to study animal sciences and expand his knowledge of various different agricultural markets. As an honor student that earned himself awards for his accomplishments, David joined up with OSI Group shortly after graduating as an employee with junior status at the company.David McDonald has dedicated his efforts to leading OSI into new territories and expanding on their food processing for increased sustainability and profits.

Bringing the company in the right direction, David has been responsible for the global expansion of the company.In 2016, OSI acquired a new company to add to their food production known as Baho Food. This German-based company was focused on plant-based products located in both the Netherlands and Germany. Not only this, but Baho Food is responsible for several subsidiaries of his own, including Q Smart Life. With decades of experience and involvement in the industry selling all sorts of foods and snacks in various countries, Baho is a strong addition to OSI Group’s own portfolio.

Equity first holdings news.

Equity first holdings is a financial company which started its operations in Indianapolis in the year 2002. The company was started by Christy Jr who is still the owner and the president of the company. The primary mission of the starting the company was to provide an alternative source of finance to investors and business peoples. The company has been offering short-term loans where they have been able to complete over 600 transactions over the years.

Equity first holding operates globally with offices in different countries including China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia and they are planning to open offices in other countries. The staffs of the company are much qualified in offering their services thus maintaining the high reputation of the company. The company provide the loan in terms of the performance of the shares in the market. Other than credit offering the company also advise their client regarding investments and financial matters.

The Sensational Banking Career of Mike Baur

Very few people in life have had to recount their remarkable stories in the life of how they had always yearned to become someone successful when still young and going on to achieve it. To this Mike Baur can a test to a dream that finally came to be after years of hard work and dedication. Becoming a banker was all Mike Baur ever wanted to be since he was a young boy and realizing this dream to the point of earning recognition in the world of finance has been an added blessing. The dream did not come easy as it made him to slowly work his way up since he first took up his first job as an apprentice at UBS to his current position as an Executive Board Member of Swiss Bank. Swiss Bank is one of the largest privately owned banks in the world.


His solid educational background played an essential part in actually enabling him to attain his childhood dream of becoming a banker. Mike Baur has an MBA from Rochester New York University as well as Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His experience as a manager is now well over to decades since and to the testimony of his passion in banking he is still going strong with much optimism for the future.


Apart from being known as a sensational banker Mike Baur has another side to him which has equally earned praise to him. He is also widely known for his entrepreneurial skills which saw him establish an ICT Start up Factory in Switzerland. This was an idea that he hatched while still working in the private sector and it became the onset of his entrepreneurial journey just at the age of 39. The ICT Start up is independent and privately financed by Mike Baur.


In Switzerland, the Startup Factory became the No1 independent ICT start up accelerator that is privately funded. The accelerator program of the Startup Factory takes only three months to complete and mainly focuses on providing financial support, mentorship, coaching, provision of office space, and also access to an extensive entrepreneurial investor network.


In 2016 Swiss Startup Factory brokered a deal with CTI and Mike Baur became its deputy managing director. Again that year he was able to successfully lead the Startup Factory through another program they had with Goldback Group. In February 2016 he had seen the Startup Factory through another joint venture with Fintech Fusion. It was this leadership role that saw Wall Street Journal profile his career begging from the time he worked at the SwissBank to his days as an entrepreneur and investor.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. the Ultimate Document Provider

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a national wholesale document provider that is a leading force in the industry. They were established in 1991 as a small local title company and are today one of the largest in the industry. The are located in Palm Harbor, Florida and employ over 600 employees in three states.


Eight out of the of the top retail mortgage and title companies who are involved with property closings rely solely on Nationwide for their documentation needs, and rightly so. The mortgage industry is highly competitive, and the two most important factors are the speed of the delivery of the documents, such as lien releases and title verification are important. Also, the accuracy of these documents is extremely vital because the wrong documents can shut down a closing session on a piece of property.


Nationwide has a .78% rejection rate and a 99.89% rate of compliance. This means that the accuracy and the speed of delivery are nearly 100% on both counts, which leads the industry.


Much of the credit goes to the employees and the training that they receive. New employees have an intensive three-week training period where they cover every detail of what they will be doing when they are on the job. Then when they are in their first few months of working, they are monitored very closely until they master the tasks at hand.


Employees also have over 150 training and educational modules that are available to them. Employees can take advantage of these extra learning courses to advance withing the company. Time is set aside for anyone who wishes to participate. At any given time approximately 50% to 70% of the workforce is found to be involved in these extra pursuits.


Nationwide enjoys and enthusiastic workforce, and it is a company that people enjoy working for. This is brought out in the Top 100 workplace to work recognition, which Nationwide has been a part of for the past five out of six years, as noted by the Tampa Bay Times.


As John Hillman, the company CEO puts it, compliance is something that companies in our industry talk about a lot, but some don’t live it. To have high marks in the compliance area, you have to train for it and then publically monitor it so that it becomes a part of the corporate culture. Then and only then, will it finally become a fact of life.


The Philanthropic Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky

In this age of technological advancements, there seems to be a trend among entrepreneurs and successful technology company founders towards being more philanthropic. However these efforts aren’t only being followed by the tech industries leaders like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Eric Lefkofsky but also by leaders in other industries like Warren Buffet and David Rockefeller.


The Giving Pledge


The campaign, The Giving Pledge, is dedicated to getting wealthy people around the world to donate a majority of their wealth to philanthropy during their lifetime or upon their death. In Decemeber of 2013, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth Lefkofsky pledged to give away $1.5 billion of their wealth adding their names with over 150 other wealthy philanthropists from around the world. To date, The Giving Pledge has amassed a total pledge amount of around $731.8 billion from over 150 different wealthy philanthropists around the world.  Check for more related postings.


Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth Lefkofsky pledged that amount in 2013, but this is no new area for the couple. In 2006 the couple founded a charitable trust, The Lefkofsky Foundation, which provides support to multiple areas and initiatives across the United States ranging from Health and Education, to Arts and Human Rights. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has helped over 50 organizations in these areas.  Based on


The Lefkofsky Family Foundation


The foundation has been involved with a lot of efforts in Chicago particularly but is not limited to working with organizations in that area alone. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth Lefkofsky founded the charitable trust, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in 2006 which focuses on initiatives in the following key areas:


  • Access to Quality Education
  • Improve Fundamental Human Rights
  • Advanced Innovative Medical Research
  • Expand Cultural Initiatives


Some of the most recognizable organizations that The Lefkofsky Family Foundation works with are organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Stanford Medicine and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has also helped with the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago.


For a full list of all the organizations and institutions The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has worked with,  you can visit