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Premium Dog Food Sales See Big Increase In Sales


Sales of premium dog food sales are seeing a big increase and major dog food manufacturing companies are taking notice. The sales of specialty, all natural and premium dog foods are rising at a rapid pace and reveal a trend that is growing among pet owners. There has been a shift to eating more healthy food with less preservatives and artificial ingredients for people. It seems that the same healthy trend is growing among pet owners.

With sales steadily increasing year after year and projections forecasting more growth ahead, companies like Purina, Mars and other specialty brands are churning out new products in order to get a piece of the rapidly growing market segment. Premium dog food brand Freshpet is marketing its latest batch of newly developed dog food that they claim will taste just like your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Fresh ingredients, no preservatives and excellent taste are the hallmarks of Freshpet’s premium dog food sales strategy. Other companies like Blue Buffalo Company are offering grain free certified organic dog food made from lamb and chicken to entice health conscious consumers.

There is no question, that there is a large amount of pet food companies offering an assortment of premium dog foods nowadays. A premium dog food that stands out to me is Beneful made by Purinastore. The reason that Beneful brand dog food stands out is due to quality and pricing. If you have lots of dogs you know how important an affordable dog food is to your bottom line.

With Beneful by Purina you get the best of both worlds. It is priced very reasonably and affordable for the average dog owner, even if you have many dogs like myself. Another highlight of Beneful is that it is a very quality dog food. Purina has some of the strictest food manufacturing standards of any dog food company. Their food is tested over and over again to ensure quality, nutrition and safety for pets. The company hires scientists and nutritionists to research formulas for creating a an ideal nutritionally balanced dog food brand that also has a good taste.