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How to Manage Your Firm’s Online Reputation

Many people tend to ignore the impact of online reputation management as a common b2b marketing strategy for their firms. That is until they receive information that their firm has a terrible review on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Google.

Instead of waiting to panic when such a scenario happens to your firm, here are a few tips courtesy of Online Reputation on how to manage your firm’s online reputation.

Claim your online profile

For starters, it is important to claim your online profiles on the various review sites including Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yelp, and Yahoo among others. Whether you created these reviews or not, they may already exist. Once you claim the profiles on these platforms, optimize your business profile on them. This is by adding your firm’s description/history, high-quality images of your products, video of the services offered as well as contact information, all of which link back to your website.

Don’t ignore the social media

Usually, it’s not only reviews that influence your online reputation. Your online presence is also based on the reactions, comments and sharing of your firm’s content on social media platform. As such, it is important to address all these categories of haters and understand what could be motivating them.

Respond to reviews professionally

Whether you’re responding to a negative or a positive review, always be professional. The response doesn’t have to be legal and generic, but rather, one that’s tailored to a specific client and that represent your brand in the best way possible. Note that every response is a chance to demonstrate you firm’s commitment to providing thoughtful, honest and quality service to each and every client.

Don’t be rattled by bad reviews

Forbes believes that reviews are meant to inform you about what your clients honestly think about your products or services. They are also a great way to demonstrate how efficient your customer service has been to potential clients. As such, avoid panicking when you receive them. They are meant to stimulate products or process improvements.

In fact, a good b2b marketing strategy should include an engaging online reputation management. Therefore, ask your customers to leave reviews online by giving them a reference link to some platforms including Google Business, Yahoo, and Yelp.



Darius Fisher Discusses The Basics Of Online Privacy

The Internet has been seen by many as one of the biggest blessings the world has ever know, but for those who have their information stolen or accessed without their permission the Internet can be a terrible place. Status Labs is one of the fastest growing groups looking to protect business leaders, companies and individuals who are looking to protect themselves from the dangers the Internet poses; Fisher is the founder and CEO of the company and has recently been revealing a few tips to help everybody protect themselves Online in the 21st century.

Vanderbilt University graduate Darius Fisher has developed the Status Labs brand after spending the majority of his career working as a copywriter and political consultant; Fisher has developed the Status Labs brand into a company with over 1,500 clients across more than 35 countries in the world.

The impressive work completed by Darius Fisher has seen the company he created open a series of offices around the world to make sure the Status Labs brand finds its way into the homes of people across the world. Currently, Fisher oversees Status Labs offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo.

Making sure every person is aware of their Online status is part of the plan Darius Fisher unveiled to keep everybody safe from Internet based attacks. Searching Online for an individual or business is the first step in taking control of Online safety in the view of Darius Fisher, who also believes the only reason to have a publicly accessible social media account is if you are a public figure or business. Changing passwords is also something that should be done on a regular basis, along with contacting a specialist in Online security should any account be hacked.

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