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How To Earn Money By Sharing Delectable Wine With Friends

By becoming one of The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides, it’s possible for you to earn money by hosting in-home wine tastings. Thanks to the concept of direct selling, it is now possible to promote wines, just like other people promote candles and other items at in-home parties. Working with The Traveling Vineyard is a better business decision, however, because you have people taste the wine you bring, so they are confident that they will enjoy the wine when they place an order.

Since wine is a consumable product, your customers will keep placing orders with you, because The Traveling Vineyard’s wines are exclusive, and not available in stores. By setting you up with your own website, The Traveling Vineyard helps you get repeat orders, plus you can assist others with setting up their own business as a Wine Guide and earn additional income as you build your team.

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Unlike other direct selling businesses, The Traveling Vineyard does not ship the wine to you, and then expect you to deliver it. Once an individual places an order and you fill out the paperwork, you are done; The Traveling Vineyard ships the wine to your customer. The only wine bottles that you will ever carry are the five bottles you take with you to each tasting event.

To begin your own business with The Traveling Vineyard, you’ll pay a one-time fee for a Success Kit, which includes enough wine and accessories for two wine tastings, plus all of the training that you will need to become a wine expert and a successful businessperson. Replacing the tasting kit before each new event is your only expense, besides your monthly fee to maintain your website, which is an expense that you would incur with any business. You earn money simply by sharing delectable wine, since the wine sells itself.

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