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The Fun Competition of the Everyday Fantasy Draft

Playing daily fantasy sports is a lot of fun, plus if you do your research, you can win real money doing something you love. However, one of the most popular aspects of fantasy sports is the competitiveness of the snake draft. Standard daily fantasy sites customarily employ the old salary based draft. This is an industry-controlled system where everyone can own the same block of players. What fun is there in that?

In the snake draft format, each team selects players and once a player is drafted, they’re off the board. Normal daily fantasy leagues are salary based, allowing the chance that some of your opponents may have almost exactly the same players. What’s the fun in the idea everyone can load up on sleeper picks?

DRAFT has a new format that uses a preset number of teams in each daily league, all choosing teams using the snake format. Each draft takes only moments, and you pick a new team every day. There’s no more battling dozens of algorithm-manufactured lineups, because your team will be your own a combination of players.

No one else in the league will have your daily sleepers, just you. It’s a special design that allows you to compete in an exclusive roster each day. All you do is pick a league to draft. Then the clock starts for the draft where you select your lineup, then watch live while your players rack up fantasy points. And, as these players score points, they score only for your team, not a whole host of nearly identical rosters. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s your team and your team only.