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Doe Deere: Blazing a New Path Through the Fashion Forest

With every new fashion season comes a list what is acceptable. Never pair this with that, always match these items with those items. Please don’t stray from the mainstream path or the world will explode. Occasionally someone will stray, never to be heard from again, and sometimes, something very special occurs. A personality emerges and makes it a point to not only stray from the path but to exist there always as they proudly proclaim, I create my rules.

In December 2015, Bustle published an article about Doe Deere, the dominant color outside the lines queen and CEO of Lime Crime. Doe Deere is someone that insists on existing outside accepted fashion parameters. She happily ignores the rules and has successfully built a significant following. Doe proposes experimenting with styles that go against the norm. Fashion rebellion is a term that comes to mind. Playful chic is another. Tell the CEO of Lime Crime that particular combinations of makeup or clothing won’t look good, and she will show the fashion police how wrong they are.

Two examples of what not to do mentioned in the Bustle article are, don’t mix too many colors, and you have to dress your age. When it comes to color Doe’s advice is to trust one’s instincts and use any combination they desire and don’t even get her started on the age thing. She tells her followers to go for it. Age shouldn’t enter into the picture at all. So who is Doe Deere and how did she develop such an outside the box way of thinking?

About twenty years ago Xenia Vorotova left her life is a small Russian village and headed to a slightly more happening place, New York City. Her interest in making unique makeup happened because she could not find what she wanted. So she made it. Soon her playful approach to wearing makeup was catching the attention of friends, and she began sharing her ideas with them. Soon she was sharing with social media and reaching a much larger audience. Somewhere in this period, she got the idea for her company. She changed her name to Doe Deere (as unique and fun as her makeup) and launched Lime Crime.

It was also during this period when her fans began calling her the Unicorn Queen. That title provides a clear image of what Doe Deere and Lime Crime are about, fun. The first impression most people have of seeing models wearing Lime Crime creations is one of the children at play. Kids in their mom’s room playing dress up in front of the tall mirror. The colors and creations are definitely outside the accepted guidelines of fashion. They come from within the creative mind of the Unicorn Queen in much the same way as a novel comes from a great writer. Fashion is, after all, a form of art and art should color outside the lines sometimes.