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My Full WEN Experiment On My Own Hair


Ever desired a more ravishing head of hair? Of course, you have. Everyone wants their hair to look it’s best. My hair is becoming very thin. I began to notice the hair in the shower every time I washed it. I was up to trying anything to thicken my hair up and give it more life. I heard about a product called WEN by Chas. After watching Chas Dean wash and style some ladies hair on television, I ran out to buy me a bottle to give it a try. I made a pact to try it for one week to see if I could notice any differences. Below is my full account of my week of trial.

Day one I woke up and jumped in the shower. I began reading the bottle of Wen for directions. The directions for use of the bottle leads me to use a lot more product. I was curious until I remembered that I was using only one product, not the 3 I usually used. I washed my hair with the product and dried it with the blow dryer. Yes, my hair had the bounce and silkiness that I was promised. 

Day two I woke to extremely oily hair. I think the oiliness means I am giving my hair something that it needs. I rewash my hair with the WEN and went out for the day. Day three gives me the same results. Each day I wake, my hair is oily. Each day I have to rewash my hair. WEN by Chas promises me thick hair and it is delivering. 

WEN is a wonderful product that gives your hair the shine and silkiness you desire. The hair will have more strength and endurance. The product offers a healthier approach to hair care without having to purchase on Guthy-Renker several more products. Check out for yourself my account of WEN on