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How OSI Group Wants To Expand Its Empire

OSI Group has been operating for more than a century, but the food processing company is still growing. There are branches of OSI Group in Europe catering to the needs of fast food chains on that continent. Although the company is expanding, sustaining that expansion will require more acquisitions. The company is purchasing deli meat processors to keep up with the demand in Europe. This company started out in America, but success on an international scale requires a different strategy. Restaurants want meat from a familiar source, and that’s exactly what they’ll get from OSI. The recent purchases of deli meat processors in northern Europe is a key component of their expansion.

Transporting frozen meat across borders is difficult, but local meat processors can pick up the slack. Another benefit of using these European meat processors is their sustainability. Europe is much further ahead than America is in this direction. They understand the need for a business model designed with the environment in mind. OSI Group has made sustainability one of its key goals moving forward. Experiments in Europe will let the company test its ideas, and we’ll know what works well. The overseas markets have their own fast food chains, but most of the new clients OSI brings in are multinational franchises. Their menus require many of the same supplies as American restaurants, and they prefer to work with American companies.

OSI Group will grow as long as these multinational chains grow. Currently, this symbiosis is driving growth through diversification. Besides meat, the food processor also offers vegetables and frozen dough. By offering a complete package, OSI is driving fast food consumption worldwide. This company is the largest food processor in the world. It provides more protein than anyone else in the market, but that isn’t the end. OSI Group wants to show other food processors the importance of sustainability. They’re creating a business model designed with everyone’s interest in mind. Fast food isn’t going to go away, but it is going to change.

Eric Lefkofsky Attack on Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He accompanied his wife on her doctor visits. However, he discovered her treatments were great, but the oncologist didn’t use technology. For instance, his wife had a test done and her oncologist didn’t have the centralized database to see the results. Instead, he requested the results which took up to 3 weeks to come in. Here he is Eric Lefkofsky with at least 20 years’ experience in technology. Needless to say, this led him to create Tempus Labs company. The purpose of the company is to gather personal data about the cancer patient and store it in one place. He hopes to equip the oncologist with the best technology to aid diagnosing and treating patients.

Lefkofsky’s whole idea of centralized data is innovative. The oncology field as a whole is not tech savvy. Tempus Labs not only gather information about the cancer patients, but it includes clinical data. The data include outcomes to specific treatment such as DNA and RNA. DNA sequencing is also used for personized medicine. This is great to have in one location, so the doctor can devote more time to the patient. The vast data in one location will provide the oncologist the tool to better diagnose the patient. The doctor will see what type of treatment worked efficiently for which types of cancer.

Although Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur he’s an avid philanthropist first. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is active in supporting advanced education, arts, culture, human rights, and medicine. He is also a pledge giver to the community. He sits on the Board of Trustees of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The Tempus O plans to extract pertinent information from disorganized data about cancer patients. In hopes of making the data clearer and easy for physicians to use.

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Get Moving with Heal N Soothe!

Heal N Soothe is a nutritional supplement that reduces inflammation and aids in healing. The main star of this supplement is the Systemic Enzymes, with 11 other ingredients found in nature to help with pain relief and the healing process. This supplement is for those suffering with arthritic pain, or any type pain with inflammation.

Once the body gets injured, like a sprain, it sends proteins to the site that causes pain and swelling. Pain is there to alert us that there is a problem; swelling is intended to keep the area stiff so we don’t incur further damage when we move. Then the body will send enzymes to break of up the inflammatory proteins and begin the healing process begins. However, once the human body gets to the ages of 25-29, the production of those anti-inflammatory proteins is far less. That’s why injuries that only take weeks to heal on a child can take months on an adult. This supplement seeks to change that.

Heal N Soothe contains systemic enzymes which will break down scar tissue and the proteins that cause inflammation, regulate the immune system and assist in the healing process. The other 11 nature-made ingredients also aid in reducing pain and inflammation. They are as follows: Bromelain, Tumeric extract, Papain, Devil’s Claw, Boswellia, Vitamin E, Ginger, Rutin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, l-glutathione, and Mohave Yucca root.

This supplement is a great alternative to traditional pain medications because it is not addictive. The combination of ingredients also makes this supplement safe for long-term use. The enzymes seek to assist in healing the injury as well, rather than simply mask the pain. The recommended usage for best results is to take one capsule three times daily on an empty stomach. It costs $59 for one bottle, or you can order your first bottle for free (just pay shipping and handling), and then the company will deliver a bottle every 30 days for $49.95 per month. You can find it on the company website,, or

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Preparing for Life Line Screening Medical Procedures

Life Line Screening was introduced into the medical world several years ago, and it is changing the lives of many patients in the world. Since it was established, the healthcare company helped to save many lives of people who are found in different parts of the world. The greatest mission of the private institution is to make people aware of their medical conditions before they become too dangerous. The company also encourages people to seek reliable medical care from qualified medical professionals before their problems get worse. The company ensures that these individuals do not get complications later in their lives.

Life Line Screening has successfully managed to establish itself as one of the private firms that offer top-notch services in the preventive healthcare services. The company is currently based in the United States, and it is looking forward to opening branches in many parts of the world. The founders of the institution realized that many people were losing their lives because they discovered the diseases they were suffering from when it was too late.This is why they decided to establish a company that would diagnose these problems before the matter gets out of hand.

Just like most of the successful healthcare companies, the institution makes sure that the professionals it has hired are well trained and qualified so that they can give the consumer the quality of services needed. The team of experts also has a way of ensuring that the professionals are experienced so that the patient is taken care of.

When visiting the medical facility, it is crucial for a patient to prepare themselves so that they are ready for the medical procedures. Lifeline Screening is equipped with some of the best screening equipment that will deliver accurate results. The company medical procedures are mostly painless, and this means that people do not have to fear when getting ready for their tests. The medical procedures are very affordable too, meaning that they can be given to all the people in the society, regardless of their income.The screening in the company requires a little preparation, too.

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