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Dr. Sergio Cortes: A man committed to make Xerem a healthy place

Recently, it was discovered that apart from dengue, Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for transmitting both Zika and Chikungunya. Experts have issued an alarm to the communities on the potential areas that the three diseases are similar to each other regarding symptoms ranging from body aches, eyes, high fever, muscle and red spots on the skin. Dr. Sergio Cortes, Rio de Janeiro’s state secretary of the department of health, said that nurses have to clarify the difference between symptoms of the two viri. For instance, for Zika virus, the first signs include itching in the cup and red eyes. On the other hand, chikungunya joint pains are much more intense than those experienced by Zika virus infected patients.

Sergio Cortes pointed out to the potential areas that an individual can host more than one virus at a time. Considering that the treatment of the disease is under study, Sergio Cortes pointed out that there are no cure or prevention measures for the disease. For now, the treatment available is done through dehydration by month to whey-based. Complete rest then accompanies hydration, at least, five days to ensure an individual restores the physical vigor. Follow Cortes on Twitter and like him on LinkedIn to read his articles.

The recent flooding in Xerem had left Sergio Cortes, a troubled man. Being the secretary is the state’s health department, the responsibility controlling the situation of a dengue virus outbreak in the community was in his hands. The state’s department is running a Hydration center in Xerem, but it has a capacity of only 12 chairs for hydration. Given the high demand for the medical service in the area to serve at least 300 people a day, it is what Sergio Cortes has called on exame as relying on the worst but hoping for the best.

The department of health is worried about the accumulated garbage in the area which might accelerate the possibility of the dengue virus to infect the residents. Through the coordination of the state’s department of health, the government has reassured the residents that measure being taken are meant to prevent proliferation of diseases whose contagion is through contaminated water. These conditions may include diarrhea, hepatitis A, and leptospirosis.

Since the first batch of the samples collected by experts have already been declared unsatisfactory, a team of experts has been put on the ground to ensure that the situation is monitored particularly to disinfect the water. The original article is published by Extra found at