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Meet Jason Hope, the skilled entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a graduate of a prestigious institution, the Arizona State University. He is known in many fields such as being a successful investor, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a futurist who believes there is future in technology. Read to understand who Jason Hope is and what inspired him to be the successful entrepreneur he is today. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging.

What inspired him to start a business and how did he start?

After graduating from the Arizona state university, and obtaining a degree and an MBA he thought it was wise to start something related to business. He was attracted to mobile technology because he saw the power of reaching many people from around the world. Jason Hope had thinking mobile technology was the best to bring change to the world. The industry is not new anymore, but he still believes there is a lot to be done since there is room for improvement and development. He laid his foundation for the future by launching premium text messages.

How does Jason Hope make money?

He is fortunate to have various technology companies that generate money. When he was starting out, he came up with Jawa which is a mobile company that has grown and partnered with other businesses. Today the company is considered a parent company to others. Today he makes money from these companies. He is involved in giving marketing services, Computer and Business, Digital Media Solutions among others. Jason Hope knows and believes everyone should see the future in technology. He is happy that with technology, people get interconnected, and that is what inspired him to create Jawa.

Did you doubt the company’s success when starting out?

Entrepreneurs have a measurable sense of doubt and Hope was hit with the same when starting out his company and business ventures. However, he used that doubt to keep him on the toes and appreciates it as it forces him to focus and think ahead. There are failures and success along the way but what makes one succeed or fail is his/her capacity to handle the failures. He uses his failures to fuel his passion for seeing a change in the society. That is what has enabled him to achieve success.

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Jason Hope’s Contribution to Anti-aging Research

People get more prone to diseases with age. Diseases such as arthritis, cancer, HBP and osteoporosis tend to attack older people. Instead of preventing these diseases, the medical field focuses on finding cures. Jason Hope, a philanthropist from Arizona is approaching such cases differently. His work entails helping people age at a slow rate in order to live longer.

Jason Hope and the SENS Research Foundation

Jason has made donations to SENS Foundation for years. Since the year 2010, he has been funding its projects. He began by donating $500,000 to the organization. SENS Foundation a not-for-profit organization that started in 2009. It was started to develop and ensure that many people can access technology that counteracts aging and prevents diseases that attack people as they age. SENS aims at repairing damage that forms inside the body due to regular metabolism, before the damage results into deadly diseases.

Jason’s donation will help in developing drugs known as AGE-breakers. This drugs will be eliminating glycation end-products that are advanced. These substances grow on the skin as a person ages. They prevent the skin and veins from being flexible. Age-breaking drugs have been previously developed for small animals. However, the same has not been successful on humans.

Scientists have fortunately realized that glucosepane helps in aging and certain health issues. SENS Foundation is working on a way to eliminate glucosepane from people’s veins and skin in order to slow aging and curb its side effects.

SENS holds a conference each year. Aubrey de Grey reminds those who attend the conference on the importance of its goal in combating and/or correcting the bad effects of aging. He invites experts to come to the event to share their knowledge as they learn from other speakers. They have ideas and treatment options targeted at cancer and Alsheimer’s disease among others.

Another aim of the conference is to develop means by which diseases that come with old age can be prevented. The conference also builds the biotechnology industry. Being a non-profit organization, SENS gets private support from researchers, investors who are interested in the work they do and scientists.

About Jason

Jason is a futurist entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist dwelling in Scottsdale, AZ. He is most passionate about technology and taking care of the less fortunate in the society. Hope was born and raised in Tempe. He acquired his finance degree and MBA at Arizona State University.

Jason has a great understanding of technology. Being a futurist, he makes predictions on where technology is headed by observing the industry. He believes that IoT (or Internet of Things)will be a key player in modern technology’s future.

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Futurist Jason Hope Make Waves in Philanthropy and the Internet of Things

Scottsdale-based tech entrepreneur Jason Hope continues to make news across the sector for his growing interest in philanthropy as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). A self-identified “futurist,” he’s has built up an online and in-person reputation based on heavy thinking about the potential of emerging technologies.

Jason is a prominent alumnus of Arizona State University, having earned an undergraduate degree in Finance, as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He launched his career with Jawa, which offered premium text messaging services, and later expanded to hold a portfolio of investments in the tech field ranging from digital media and marketing solutions to interactive software.

More recently, however, he has turned his attention to philanthropic work, establishing himself as one of the SENS Research Foundation’s most prominent donors. Jason has often spoken publicly on the Foundation’s focus on the potential of anti-aging technologies to combat diseases such as Alzheimers and heart disease. SENS has attracted interest from a number of notable tech entrepreneurs, including former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel. Jason Hope’s donation earmarked to focus on the Foundation’s research into ways to break down and dispose of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), a type of metabolic waste that builds up in the body to the detriments of skin, blood vessels, and organs.

Jason is also a well-respected thinker on the Internet of Things (IoT). Having started out in the industry just as mobile phones made their mainstream debut, he has long recognized that technology makes the biggest impact when connected to physical device. He has often weighed in on applications, privacy, and security for this emerging technology. His grants program, which is open to high school seniors and college students, encourages young people to pitch and develop technology-related business ideas. No doubt many wannabe Jason Hopes are ready to apply.

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