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Jeremy L. Goldstein: Your Go To Business Lawyer

Jeremy L. Goldstein has been known to be a man of honor that created a name for himself in the business world as the go-to person to help you solve any legal matter. First starting by attaining his first career in the New York University and his masters at the University of Chicago, Jeremy Goldstein has been clearing his path to success. His youthful serving days were first spent working at the Law Firm Watch fell, Lipton where he worked tirelessly to make sure his firm represent their clients well. While gaining a lot of experience of how the business world works, he then decided that it was time for him to take a leap of faith into the new world on his own.



He created the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associate in other to make sure he can bring in bright minds to help him represent businesses in courts and all this without needing to seek permission from any boss. His dreams are big and so are his actions. This step turned out to be in the right direction as he has had client among the fortune 500 ranging from Goldman Sachs to Bank of America, Verizon, and many others. Jeremy Goldstein knows his job and has made it his responsibility to work with companies who abide by laws and normal human morals.



Jeremy Goldstein has always been relevant in his field holding a lot of positions across different associations. He is a chair at the Merger and Acquisition subcommittee of the Executive compensation committee in the American Bar Association Business section. Closing deals sometimes are not always fun but whether it’s a peace deal or one that you try to avoid being cheated, a lawyer is important to be in the seating. And Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has witnessed a lot of this deals go down and ended smoothly. An example of such deal was when Bank One Cooperation was acquired by J. P Morgan Chase and Co. Big companies fear lawsuit as there is a lot on the line, their reputation and their income and others. To prevent this, they make sure they get competent lawyers to advise them and represent them. So even if they happen to be unable to avoid the lawsuit, they have competent lawyers like Mr. Jeremy Goldstein to appear in the court to represent them.



Businesses run the economy. Having a business lawyer is something a business can’t do without. There are many business lawyers but they are few who have been able to stand the test of time and one of them is Jeremy L. Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein is still as relevant as his youthful days using technology to his advantage regularly posting beneficial articles online to help businesses avoid legal related complications. Learn more: