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Talkspace Expanding Exponentially Since its Launch in 2012

It is not easy to cope with the loss of the loved ones or deal with the post-breakup stress. Similarly, there are tons of other issues and events in our lives that can take the better off your mind and health, if you let it. It is where the professional therapy can help tremendously. If you feel that the stress you are going through and the thoughts that are crossing your mind are burdening you, and making your life terrible, consulting with a therapist is positively and highly recommended. It would help you get the clinical route to solve the mental health issues you have before it gets worse.

Talkspace is one of the most innovative apps developed for the niche of mental health, and it connects people in need of professional therapy with the licensed therapist. It is not easy for people to open up these days, but researchers say that people who cannot open face to face, find it easier to do so over the call or text. It is this medium that Talkspace uses to help people get the professional therapy they need. It aligns their emotions back in line and helps them reconstruct their lives positively. Talkspace is cheaper and more flexible, and the best part is that it is entirely private, discreet and available round the clock. The users can connect with the therapist couple of times a day, and if needed, a video call can also be arranged.

Talkspace recently informed the press that after the Trump’s win in the Presidential election, it has been getting a lot of members, mostly women, and millennials. The business of Talkspace has been growing exponentially, but Oren Frank said that it is hard to conclude that the surge is due to the election and not the typical rise in anxiety and stress in the lives of people.