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EOS Offers a Fun and Effective Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth has made lip balm not only effective and nearly all natural but fun too! There is a good chance that you have used one of their products, perhaps better known by their very catchy acronym – EOS. Not even a decade old yet, EOS a provider of skin and lip care products like lotions, creams and balms has taken the market by storm.

As one article pointed out,, having celebrities like, Lovato, Aguilera and Hilary Duff (to name a few), pictured with products doesn’t hurt sales either. This may be some of the explanation as to how and why EOS has become an industry leader in lip balm sales.

EOS, however, has relied on much more than star power in achieving this kind of success. This can likely be attributed to two particular aspects of the Evolution of Smooth product lines. One is the healthy and natural qualities of EOS lip balms and the other aspect of EOS is that these lip balms are quite simply, fun.
Being made up of primarily organic core ingredients, like jojoba oil and shea butter and being paraben-free has given EOS an audience and client base for the health conscious consumers. Then there is that fun aspect, with an array of colors and flavors packaged in fun and bright pods, EOS lip balms has created an attractive product that challenges other balms such as, Chapstick and Blistex.

When everything is added up (and speaking of adding up – the pricing on EOS lip balms is another product advantage), Evolution of Smooth has found its place in the lip and skin care market. Seemingly being stocked on shelves everywhere, being used by everyone and being affordable for every budget hints to EOS being here to stay. Evolution of Smooth or EOS, any way you spell it, translates to a fun, safe and effective lip balm product for everyone. Visit the EOS website, and official Facebook page.

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