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The RealReal Is The Real Deal For Sure

Anyone who is on the social media platform Instagram or reads popular publications like the New York Times may already be in the know about The RealReal. However, if you are not on the up and up, this is a great company to follow on Instagram. Followers love to see all the photos they post of the items that are available for sale on the resale marketplace. The RealReal offers consigned items to sale for buyers. One of the most recent items posted showcases the Fendi logo. If you don’t already know, anything with the Fendi logo seems to keep going up in value.

The RealReal loves to offer items of higher value. If it is a second hand luxury item, you may be able to find it on their Instagram page and make it your own with ease. They have shown Hermes bags and have even offered a handbag quiz for their loyal followers. With stores in both NYC and LA, The RealReal can offer followers a great selection of worldly goods at great prices. Why pay full price for items that are in great condition? It’s much more fun to save some money and buy your luxury items second hand.

The RealReal was featured in The New York Times and their SoHo store was showcased. Because The RealReal is not a retail giant, many people who live local to NY and LA are aware of their retail stores, but, they are becoming more of a beautiful distraction in the second hand market because of their high quality items and their amazingly low process. Let’s face it, great stuff from top brands doesn’t come cheap and hardly ever hits the secondary market of a down home consignment store. Because The RealReal specializes in the higher end, these bargains are everyday items for them and that means a great buy for followers like you.

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