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Put Your Best Review Forward

We’re always told how important first impressions are. Your online first impression is no different. A prospected customer will likely use online search results to determine whether it is a smart choice to do business with a person or company. In order to put the best foot forward many companies are looking toward online reputation management services to make that happen.

Harsh and negative reviews can be extremely detrimental to a company. Customers will generally search a company and their product online before making a commitment to purchase goods or services. While doing this research the customer will read reviews, articles and any information to help obtain more knowledge about a company or product. Customers want to make informed decisions before they spend hard earned dollars. Negative articles or reviews can make a customer wary and doubtful about a commitment. One negative review can be the difference between a sale and the customer looking elsewhere. The more frequently negative articles appear during a search, the more likely the customer will move on to a different company. Several poor ratings can have a lasting impact on a company and the bottom dollar if they are left at the top of search results. So, it stands to reason that companies would want to push down negative articles and reviews. is a newcomer in the industry that works with companies to push down negative articles by using online reputation management. Online reputation management’s goal is to influence online search results to create the best possible look for a person, business or product. In practical application the goal is to bury the negative articles with outstanding reviews and positive articles about the business. By managing online reputation, companies and individuals can ensure that they are giving the online community the best possible first impression when they do their research.

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