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The Rise of OSI to Become a Major Player in the Global Food Processing Industry

The OSI is a premier company trusted by the world’s leading retail stores for the provision of healthy value-added food products. The OSI Group is a leading player in the food processing industry both in America and on the global platform. OSI is a privately owned company that primarily focuses on food processing, value addition and the same time does custom food product development for its clients globally. Unlike other food companies, the OSI is fully involved in the production of the food they sell from sourcing to the distribution of its products through the company’s highly sophisticated global chain management system.

The OSI has been termed to be one of Americas top 100 companies across all industries and is in the same league with successful tech companies such as Apple Inc. OSI has grown to become a global corporation that has an excess of 65 facilities across 17 different countries. Other than that, OSI takes pride in creating employment opportunities that cut boundaries as the jobs they create aren’t limited to the food industry alone. As of now, the company has an excess of 20,000 salaried personnel across these 17 countries. It should be noted that all its facilities though in different locations, focus on the same goal of making customized food products for OSI’s clients. Its growth is also visible with the recent acquisition of Baho Food and the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant.

OSI group provides unrivaled consistency and responsiveness aimed at meeting the various diverse and tailored needs of its broad client base. The company does tailor processing of foods ranging from meat, vegetables, fruits and other protein-based foods. When it comes to the processing of these foods, the OSI group focuses on the specific requirements of the firm’s clients. Unlike other companies, OSI’s mission is to always deliver a delight for every client they serve, and this explains why a lot of focus is put in understanding the detailed requirements of their clients.

Some of the products the company provides comprise of fried foods that include, chicken fried steak, fritters, tofu and taquitos. The company’s business aspect aside, OSI has continually put a lot of focus on environmental conservation throughout its operations. Thanks to the efforts and policies the company has put in place to ensure that their activities are in line with environmental preservation and sustainability, the company has gained mainstream recognition.


OSI Group Acquisition Have A Promising Future

In 2016, Osi Group has acquired three essential companies. Among them is Flagship Europe, which supplies pies, frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, dressings and mayonnaise to the UK food market. Flagship Europe also has take-out food services. It availed these services after acquiring Calder Foods in the UK. Marinades, sauces, dips, mayonnaise, and sandwich fillings are part of the options available.

Becoming a part of Osi Group was a progressing step for Flagship Europe. Resources will be increased and hence better service delivery. The company will also get a chance of experiencing the global market. Since Osi is already an established company, Flagship will enjoy the existing opportunities and privileges courtesy of Osi. Flagship is looking forward to great success shortly.

The present leader of Osi Group is Sheldon Lavin. He is both the chairman and CEO of the company. Considering how far the company has come, Lavin’s leadership is strong and directed to higher levels of success. Lavin has formulated a practical business strategy that continues to propel the company forward. The world is expecting more from this company as time progresses.

Thus far, Sheldon’s leadership approaches have expressed brilliance. Apart from making money, he is interested in corporate social responsibility. Osi has won awards in CSR and it has also transformed communities. Through events and activities, communities and the environment has improved. CSR will always be a part of the Osi Group.

Osi group values the contribution of its employees. Although the management may have a brilliant business strategy, it will be paralyzed with no employees to implement it. Osi welcomes passion, determination, and innovation from employees. These attributes are in plenty in the workforce. Osi has provided a conducive working environment for its employees.

Equal work opportunities for all seeking employment have increasingly benefited Osi. They have an impressive record of diversity. Every employee has contributed to enriching company culture due to diversity. Another essential booster to the employees is the availability of motivational programs such as mentorship, workshops, seminars and other activities. Working in Osi is a great opportunity for every career person looking for a professional breakthrough.

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