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The Hottest Novel: “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” by Sean Penn

From an actor to an author, many view Sean Penn as being controversial but his word to the public is that it is for the sake of his country. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff never struggled to gain popularity in the market and as a matter of fact, the novel started burning the hearts of many in anticipation of reading it even before it was released into the market. Immediately after its release, it went viral in social media especially on the excerpts mentioning Donald Trump. What is this novel really about? Keep reading.


Sean Penn presents Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff content using a very satirical and kind of loose narrative which is confusing the mind of readers. Basically, the narration is about a middle-aged man, Bob Honey, who is involved in doing a variety of jobs like assisting dictators in setting fireworks, rescuing Hasidic Jews imprisoned in foreign prisons, and the worst killing elderly people using a mallet as his weapon.


Penn has off late become unpredictable in what he is capable of doing next especially after the release of this first novel in his life. The novel had been released earlier in an audio version and it triggered the minds of many. The main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a man who desperately wants to see some change in the country and the campaigns being carried on are not bringing the change he wants. As a result of his anger, he goes around committing violent acts to quench his desperation.


The acts of this man, Bob Honey, are basically catapulted by his own political beliefs and his discontentment with the administration of the Trump government. Sean Penn is well known to be a political activist and lately, he has been expressing his opinions to the current government. In the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Landlord is a representation of Trump. The novel also mentions #MeToo movement which is infantilizing instead of empowering. Therefore his novel focuses on “We” rather than “I” who Trump want to bring.

End Citizens United- Voice Of The People

You cannot listen to any type of news right now without an update to the various investigations going on. Among the most serious of these probes is the one addressing Russia’s possible involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel assigned to this investigation has already discovered a $100,000 plan to influence the election through social media advertising. Other investigations include questions about China and Mexico. In January, 2017 there were 15 active cases of election tampering.

These disturbing trends have caused people across the country to scrutinize the regulations and laws that oversee campaign financing. Questions are being asked about the billion of dollars contributed each election and the consequences of such donors having expectations of special treatment.

There are many groups organizing to try and change the unfair advantages of unlimited donations. A milestone in this movement was in 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled that donations were “speech” and therefore protected from strict regulation or suppression. The momentous decision opened the donation floodgates wide open and the results are the exact consequences we are dealing with now.

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One group that was formed in 2015 is the End Citizens United organization. This grass roots political action group is dedicated to changing the present regulations regarding campaign financing. The group has become a powerful source as it posted numbers of $4 millions in the first month of this year. Predictions plot this amount to grow to $35 million by the midterm elections of 2018.

End Citizens United recognizes that the only hope of true change is to enact institutional changes. They support candidates who are like minded and pledge to lead the fight against the out of control campaign funding. ECD has a powerful influence on social media as they reach out to the common voter without a true voice. It isn’t possible to outspend the wealthy donors that pour money into their pet candidate. Instead, groups like End Citizens United, hope to put together a large group of voices that speak for the people and not the politicians.

ECU supports candidates like Randy Bryce, the Democratic candidate from Wisconsin. Bryce is proud to say that 82% of his donations come from “small donors” with an overall average of $25. Randy Bryce faces Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House. Ryan is a proponent for the status quo, including the weak limits on campaign financing. Ryan represents all of the things that Bryce and the End Citizens United are fighting against.

The overall message of these groups is to bring American’s together to protest the unfairness of wealthy donors receiving disproportionate say in elections. It is possible to make a change, but it takes more than rhetoric…it takes action.


Soros Fights Against Trump

George Soros has been adamant that Donald Trump is a dangerous choice as the GOP presidential nominee. George Soros feels so strongly that Trump would take the country in the wrong direction, that he just donated an estimated $5 million to a brand new super PAC dedicated to preventing Trump from moving into the White House next year. Thanks to the incredible contributions of Trump along with several other wealthy donors, the super PAC has received a total of $15 million in funding to start its efforts to keep Trump out of the White House this election. The new super PAC is called Immigrant Voters Win. The primary focus of the super PAC will be to engage and mobilize immigrant and Latino voters to get out to the polls this November and make their voices count in the presidential election. Because of its focus on immigrant and Latino voters, the super PAC is concentrating its efforts in states with large minority immigrant populations, such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada. These states also boast large Asian populations, which the super PAC hopes to mobilize in support as well.
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At the heart of Soros’ willingness to get involved and help lead this effort directed at Latino and immigrant voters, is his view that the recent remarks in speeches and interviews by Trump are extremely xenophobic. He is terribly troubled by this type of rhetoric dominating the political discourse in this country and wants to do whatever he can to make sure that the future president is not prone to these types of racist outbursts. One of Trump’s policy proposals on immigration that Soros says he finds most troubling for the moment is Trump’s proposed ban on all Muslim immigration to the U.S. as a reaction to the terror threats from ISIS. George Soros thinks that this type of reaction is unhealthy for the country and will eventually lead to a sharp divide among the population. This is the exact opposite effect that the leader of the country should have, according to Soros. Another reflexive policy announcement made by Trump that is causing fear among immigrant communities and Soros is that he plans to build a giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico in an attempt to keep illegal immigrants out of the country and show that the U.S. is taking a hard line on preventing any illegal immigration. Soros says that Trump says these things with impunity and that it is extremely dangerous for this sentiment to catch on throughout the country. Soros is willing to put a substantial amount of resources behind keeping Trump out of office.

Soros was an immigrant once himself. He came to this country after fleeing the Nazi occupation of Hungary, his native country. Soros understands all too well the difficulties inherent with the immigration process and has a real soft spot for the plight of immigrants all over the world. He also believes in the protection of basic human rights and supports political candidates who do as well.

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