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Stephen Murray’s Legacy at CCMP Capital

Fortune Magazine reported Stephen Murray CCMP Capital passed on mid-2015 at the age of 52 years. He will always be remembered as the man who fathered CCMP Capital. As a founding partner, Murray took up the functions of the Chief Executive Officer at CCMP in 2006 just after the firm started trading independently.

Murray joined the private equity investment industry in 1989 working with Chase Capital Partners and later JP Morgan Partners. These two companies would then merge assets and provided the foundation for the formation of CCMP Capital, which Murray Oversaw.

Today, CCMP Capital operates with an asset base of over $16 billion and a global footprint characterized by the massive presence in Europe, Asia, US and Latin America. The firm leverages the financial muscle of its resources and expertise across major industries to do business. They invest in energy, industrial, healthcare and the retail sectors.

Stephen Murray CMP Capital possesses a powerful value creation model as well as a vibrant and active management structure. Over the last nine years, it has established a world-class status as an investment partner. Its diversification policy enables it to distribute risks and, therefore, invest in key industries and sectors without fear.

Most importantly, CCMP operates on a capital investment range of $100 to $500 million in private company’s worth between $500 million and $3 billion. This strategy is considered a good model of business. At the end of the day, CCMP has vested interests in various industries around the world.

In the industrial sector fir instance, CCMP Capital invests in manufacturing and distribution companies dealing with chemicals and automobiles. The car manufacturing industry in Tokyo, Japan has provided CCMP with excellent business opportunities. In the healthcare industry, the company invests in the developments of healthcare services and technology by pharmaceutical companies. It, therefore, works in partnership with pharmaceuticals by funding research and production facilities.

The energy sector is the place to be for any investor around the world. CCMP has not been left behind. It has its ventured interests in renewable energy, power production, exploration and production of oil and gas. In the financial services sector, CCMP Capital’s expertise sees the company trade profitably in both New York and Hong Kong.

Today, the organization’s structure features a competent investment committee comprising of executive managing directors. This committee is headed by Gregory Brenneman, the current Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer at CCMP Capital. The committee oversee the strategic investment portfolio of the business.

It is responsible for identifying profitable venture and untapped markets and laying down the foundation for productive partnerships. The committee, for instance, controls investments in the media and telecom industry where CCMP has broadcasting rights, content, programming as well as wireless communication systems.