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Premium Dog Food Sales Soar

If someone had told me on facebook that premium dog food sales would be such a big deal in these times I would have been highly doubtful. I can see that this is true though because the high quality dog food brands keep coming and customers keep buying. I know that Beneful is a huge contributor to all the high quality dog food that is out there. This is a company that has pushed forth 40 different varieties, and the mad scientists of this company are still working on new innovations for our dogs. This is very fascinating because Beneful has taken on high quality foods and made this concept work rather well. Most people try to figure out how Beneful can create so much variety, but I think that I know the answer. They check out all the real meats that dogs may actually like and build from there. Dogs are naturally fans of beef and chicken so I knew that these flavors would show up in Beneful products. I was not so sure about the popularity of salmon, but Beneful has made it work. This company has also succeeded with making meals that contain vegetables. I was surprised that this company has managed to make chopped blends with vegetables. This has worked so much better than I ever would have assumed. It shows that there is a method behind the madness of the producers of these foods. The rise of premium dog foods is just another sign of the changing attitudes of people that are buying these foods for pets. It tells me that I am not alone in the increasing awareness of foods that are vital to healthier pets. I know that I have become a real fan of buying the premium brands because dogs are beginning to live longer as a result of this. Blue Buffalo, along with Beneful, are the brands that I buy on PurinaStore. I recognize their innovation, and I know that these foods are making a difference. My dogs love these foods, and I love to see how they devour these vitamin rich foods for mealtime.