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GoBuySide On Main Factors that Drives Compensation

Professionals who work in the venture capital and private equity industry have been enjoying a steady average of six to eight percent salary and bonus payment increase yearly. GoBuySide, a firm that helps hedge funds, equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and venture capital firms recruit professionals in their industry, believes that demand for workers in this industry is what drives compensation. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Professionals in the venture capital and private equity industry who work for larger firms who demand more workers in this industry earn more than other professionals who work for small firms that have less demand for workers in these professions. However, even though the demands differ depending on the size of the firm, a study showed that professionals in the venture capital and private equity industry have reported a total of sixty-five percent increase in their salary which is shown through the bonus payment they receive yearly. Over 315,000 dollars have been paid out to these professionals yearly. Furthermore, even though size can be a major factor in a firms compensation size, there is another factor that drives compensation, and that is the size of a firms assets, and how much they are valued at. For example, over seven thousand private equity firms are looking to employ over two hundred thousand professionals who are seniors and juniors due to having investing resources that surpass hundreds of billions of dollars.


These are the factors that GoBuySide believes to be the main source for the number of compensation professionals in the private equity, and venture capital industry receive. This is further shown when GoBuySide analyze that companies in which compensation went down by one to nine percent all lack one of these sources, such as one of these equity firms had less than one billion dollars in assets. These factors that drive compensation ha e led many professionals in the private equity and venture capital industry unhappy and looking to join big firms because they feel their compensation is not high enough. GoBuySide also uses these factors when hiring talents for equity firms to provide satisfaction for both firm and professionals. Read more about GoBuyside at