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Rick Smith is Bringing Positive Changes at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is one of the most authoritative figures in the technology department. At the moment, Smith is serving as the chief executive officer of a profit-making company known as Securus Technologies. The accomplished investor has achieved so much in his career, and this has earned him the respect of so many individuals in the society.Smith took over the leadership of Securus Technologies in June 2008. His presence in the private company has been instrumental in the success of the company. Rick Smith has brought with him a lot of expertise in the institution, and this explains why the company has improved in all areas. Before getting the position of president, Smith had worked in several other positions at Securus Technologies. These positions made him understand all the basics of the institution, and he has been able to deliver on all the responsibilities given. Smith had served in several other companies too before his appointment.

At one time, Smith Rick was serving at an institution known as Frontier Corporation. The successful investor served in several administrative positions in the institution, and he acquired a lot of expertise. During his tenure, Smith brought numerous changes in the company, and it was able to rank as one of the growing privately owned enterprises in the United States. Rick Smith was also serving in Eschelon Telecom for more than ten years. While serving in the technology company, Rick Smith is believed to have accomplished so much. According to the management of the enterprise, Eschelon increased its revenue from a mere thirty million dollars to three hundred and fifty million. The company remains indebted to him because of these accomplishments.As the president of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has been given several responsibilities.

The businessman makes sure that the company is growing and meeting the demands of the customers. The inmate communication world is very competitive, and it is filled with companies that have a lot of resources. However, Securus Technologies has shocked many people for making sure that his company remains as the leader for several years. Some of the companies in the department charge an arm and a leg for the communication and technology solutions to the inmates. However, Smith has made sure that his customers get the type of services they needed at a very affordable figure. This simple gesture has impressed very many individuals who are incarcerated. The low rates have not interfered with the quality of products given to the consumers.Smith and his team have been forced to purchase several companies in the country so that they can keep up with the high competition. According to a new report, Smith led the private firm into the acquisition of a technology company known as JPay. The new institution has brought the wave of change the company has been craving.

Jason Hope Ponders The Structure Of A Tech-centric United States

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as one of the nation’s leading tech entrepreneurs. The Arizona businessman has an impressive record to his credit.

He was one of the first movers in the premium mobile content space, beating Apple to market by nearly a decade.

But recently, Hope, who has a reputation of being perennially bullish on the future, has become concerned with some of the implications of a rapidly automating society.

The future is now
Hope has long been one of the principal proponents of all the wondrous possibilities that technologies, such as the Internet of Things, have to offer. But neither is he some kind of futurist Pollyanna. Hope has long been concerned with the implications of some of the more disruptive aspects of the widespread adoption of new technologies.

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One of these is the ever improving and expanding state of automation. Many people think of things like completely automated restaurants, where no employees are involved in food preparation or serving, and self-driving cars are foggy concepts that belong to the distant future. Jason Hope is quick to point out that their view is false. The future is now.

In California, the chain Eatsa is a fully-automated, self-serve fast food restaurant. It has more or less proven the concept of a restaurant with essentially no employees. Elsewhere in the same state, companies such as Uber and Mercedes Benz rack up millions of miles per year with completely autonomous cars. The spread of these technologies is only a matter of time.