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Malcolm CasSelle revolutionizing virtual gaming

WAX is headed by the renowned entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle who also serves OPSkins which is an online marketplace as its CIO. Malcolm CasSelle previously worked with CTO as its President tasked with controlling digital assets. He also worked with Timeline labs as a CEO in the social signaling platform where he was handling the display and measuring of content.

He has also been involved in startups like Xfire, Mediapass, and Groupon among others. He is known to be an investor in Facebook and Zynga involved in funding blockchain verticals. Malcolm CasSelle was the co-starter of PCCW which is a Hong Kong’s public traded telecom. He helped to raise billions of private transactions and public offering among others for the company while working there.

Malcolm CasSelle attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Computer Science and acquired a bachelor’s degree. He also attended Stanford University where he managed to graduate with a degree. He is well versed in speaking Mandarin and Japanese.

WAX was developed by OPSkins that manages video game securities on online platforms.WAX targets more than 400 plus people who purchase and sell items in the game market. WAX offers a platform that is decentralized to allow everyone to manage a virtual marketplace with no investment in infrastructure and security. WAX acts as a trading platform whereby customers purchase virtual asset amongst one another. The company helps to contain fragmentation and fraud that are among the biggest problems affecting the virtual asset market in general.

The company uses its tokens to create a frictionless market, whereby individuals can have the liberty to sell and buy their tokens in the blockchain platform provided. Consumers can do a variety of things with their tokens on the WAX platform such as; being allowed to trade without moving away from the screen they are using. The WAX tokens take the form of a value that has been stored or getting game products and an efficient contract for purchasing, trading, and renting. It helps to reduce financial risks as the supply of goods worldly is done in a market that is not centralized.

WAX hopes to offer its support to specific needs of the video game asset market, thereby creating a chance to thrive in the global market.